I’m talking to you in my nasally voice

I’m not feeling so hot today.

My head is foggy.

My sore is throat.

My drips are sinus-y.

Did you see what I did there?

Gift giving

Tina and I decided that our corporate gift this year to our clients was a donation in their honor to the food bank in their cities. We made several donations before noticing that I had a typo in the message we were sending. A “you” instead of “your”.

I should not have been in charge of this today.

But we wanted to do it. And it feels good to help a few people in need on behalf of the companies who help feed us.

We found out that many of our clients are off this week, so they won’t be getting the email notifications until they get back after the new year. Which means there’s a chance we might get overlooked.

Gosh, I hope not.

Burgers, Beer and TV Reruns

Last night, Tina and I met up with regular reader Paul and his lovely wife Peggy for dinner and some local theater arts. We both knew Paul and met Peggy for the first time.

Tina and I have known Paul for almost 11 years. He freelanced for the same company we worked for when Tina and I met. We stayed in touch over the years.We both worked as freelancers and I can count on 1 hand how many times I’ve seen him in person.

He didn’t know about my atheism, of course, but one day he stumbled on this blog, and now he frequents to see what we’re up to. He shares similar views, and I look forward to spending more time talking about it. As an atheist, you know there are a lot of us out there, but we don’t group up that often. It’s not weekly, put it that way.

I have to say that Paul, and now that I’ve met Peggy, have to be some of the most generous people I’ve ever met. I remember seeing the gifts that he sent over to our mutual client. I take that back, I remember hearing about it. People would say, “I can’t wait till Paul’s annual gift gets here. I call dibs on X.” It was usually a tin of treats that everyone seemed to fight over.

Last night, Paul and Peggy brought Tina a birthday gift, which was such a kind gesture.

We didn’t talk too much non-belief talk last night, but I can tell we could probably work the topic for much longer than we did. It was refreshing to hang out with open non-believers, and we’re looking forward to more get togethers.

Hamburger Mary’s!

We ate at this place called Hamburger Mary’s, which is located in the Andersonville neighborhood a few blocks from our condo. Andersonville is a super cool neighborhood that happens to be heavily populated with the LGTB community. Hamburger Mary’s claims to be the first LGTB run and operated franchise in the US. The burgers are amazing. The atmosphere really cool, too. They like straight people, too … you know, because they understand you were born that way. So all are welcome! How about that.

After dinner, we  walked upstairs to a small theatre space to see a performance from A Reasonable Facsimile Theatre Company. ARFTCo’s schtick is that they perform bits from your favorite television shows. Last night, they did some Seinfeld, The O.C., 30 Rock and The Colbert Report.

It was highly entertaining and funny. The actors read straight from scripts that were in binders, which can be hit or miss. But all in all, there is some really funny talent, and some people you can imagine would make it in larger theatre.

I know, I know, it’s Wednesdog. I’m working on it. I didn’t get a chance to schedule ahead this week, and it’s biting me in the ass.


4 thoughts on “I’m talking to you in my nasally voice

  1. Aw, gee, shucks… thanks for the kind words Jeremy : )

    It was great seeing you guys too! It’s been waaaay too long.

    I remember the day I found your blog, I went and told Peggy that we need to spend more time with Jeremy and Tina, ‘cos they’re our kind of people!

    As I’m sure you know all too well, it can be hard to really get to know the people you work with when you freelance. You’re just never around long enough, and when you are around, you’re there for the work, not to shoot the shit.

    Plus, some things are best not discussed while working, like… religion and politics! Which goes a long way to explaining how I didn’t know just what wonderful, progressive, non-believers you and Tina are!

    Like I said, you’re our kind of people : )

    But I am sorry to hear you were feeling a bit under the weather yesterday. I hope you’re better today?

    We didn’t keep you youngsters out too late did we?

    ; )

    1. You didn’t keep us past our bedtimes. I think you helped me get past my cold faster by helping me drench my system with a few tasty brews.

      Glad we could get a shout out in for ARFTCo, and we’ll definitely check it out again.


  2. Oh, I remember Paul’s gift! Every year he would send us chocolates from the Melting Pot! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. And yes, we would all fight over them.

    Thank you again Paul and Peggy for the sweet card and wonderful bottle of wine. I look forward to our next outing.

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