It’s Wednesdog!


Today’s Wednesdog is brought to you by Lola. Lola is one of our neighborhood hound dogs. She’s a beautiful canine.

I swear, if you were ever caught in a storm or you needed a blanket, her ears would work well to cover your entire body.

We’ve seen Lola lately quite a lot. Her owner walks her near where we play with Talulah, and we try to get them to play together. It doesn’t always work. Talulah often ignores other dogs when her ball is involved.

Lola’s mom was telling me that Lola often eats a little dirt and she finds it in her poop. Talulah eats Tina’s hair that she puts on the rim of the tub after a shower. Then her poop gets held together by strands of hair and we have to yank it out of her butt.

Aren’t dogs lovely?

Let’s give it up for Lola.

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