Lined leaf-tail gecko: evolution will blow your mind

Take a look at that beautiful gecko, would you?

You’d think it was a carving of a gecko, but it’s not. It’s a:

Lined leaf-tail gecko / gestreepte bladstaartgekko (Uroplatus lineatus) – Exotic Reserve Peyrieras, Madagascar

There are many reasons why evolution is true. And this is no exception.

Do you see these in your backyard?

Well, do you?

No, you don’t.

Do you know why you don’t see these beautiful creatures in your backyard? Because evolution secludes itself to local environments. And when animals lives on islands for millions of years, they gradually change and adapt. And creatures that emerge from predecessors on say, Madagascar, do not emerge elsewhere.

That’s why evolution is so cool. It specializes in making animals and plants change and adapt to their local environments.

Original image found here. I saw it posted at TYWKIWDBI. Wiki here.

Your jaw … on the floor.

2 thoughts on “Lined leaf-tail gecko: evolution will blow your mind

    1. I know right. When I saw it, I thought for sure it was a wood carving, And even after reading what it was, I thought, “Nah, that’s wood!”

      Thanks for the comment!

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