No Trastpassing!

Whelp, in case you were wondering, Tina and I are safe and sound in sunny North Carolina.

We drove down with Talulah on Christmas day. We did the trip in 11.5 hours, which was record time. We only stopped for gas and one bathroom break, and I put on my lead shoes for this drive.

I’m typically conservative behind the wheel, but I got a little anxious to get the trip over.

There’s one short stint of two-lane roads that go through some small towns with stop lights. We stopped in one of those hamlets to get gas. The place was packed. And the people getting in and out of cars were ones you might see at Awkward Family Photos. 

I assumed they were there for last-minute shopping as people were going to their Christmas celebrations. As long as last-minute shopping lists included meth and crack.

Tina, Talulah and I politely take turns peeing. While I was walking Talulah near some grass, I noticed a sign (above) on a fenced-in area behind the gas station.

Tina came out after going in, and I asked, “How were the bathrooms?”

“I dunno,” she said. “The place is sketchy. And I just wanted to get out of there.”

So I went in, and yes, it was sketchy. I wasn’t kidding. There were a lot of people in there. I spotted the bathroom, which was unisex. A woman was coming out, and I moved past her inside. On the door, the sign read, ”

Notice to all! This is a public restroom not a spot to enjoy your illegal substances. Please have respect for the employees/customers. Than you and have a good day. – MGMT–


This is not a spot to enjoy your illegal substances.

Go enjoy them elsewhere!

I loved it.

McDonald’s is the place!

We were worried that nothing would be open, and we were somewhat right. McDonald’s was the only restaurant chain that we saw open, except for a food court at a popular stop along the West Virginia Turnpike.

Our last gas stop was on the southeast side of Charleston, WV. We stopped at the McDonald’s there. I looked the drive thru and the line inside and thought, “I’ll gamble on going in this time.”

There’s a reason why West Virginia gets picked on for inbreeding … people there are crazy lookin’.

There were only three people in line in front of me, but they were ordering for families of seven or more. It was brutal.

Family reunion

When we arrived, my parents were all waiting up for us. They strung up a sign that read, “Welcome back Tina and Jeremy! We love you and We talked for a bit, blew up an air mattress and hit the sack.

On Monday, my brother called and asked if we wanted to join him and my SiL to see “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.”

The closest thing you’re going to get to a review of the movie is, “Do yourself a favor and see this movie.”

I haven’t read the book(s) nor seen the original version. But holy crap this movie is great. Let’s put it this way, It was two hours and forty minutes and I could have easily sat through it again.


It was that good.

Last night, Tina and I drove over to regular reader Aaron’s house. We had a couple cocktails and chatted it up for a while. Aaron’s doing great, in case you were wondering.

Today we’re going to celebrate Christmas with my brother and his family. We’re doing a $20 gift grab bag and having dinner. It should be fun.

That’s all folks!

That’s really all the update I have for now. It’s quiet around here, because I’m soaking up family and friends, which is what I hope you’re doing as well.

Cheers and happy holidays!