What the funny kids are posting

Let’s go with a couple funnies from I have seen the whole of the Internet and Tastefully Offensive shall we?


Picture of a sheep reads, “What is love? Baby don’t herd me.” 


Picture of a girl leaning next to a pony, reads, “Whatcha thinkin’ bout?” Pony says, “What extending the payroll tax cuts will mean for American Job growth. And Carrots.” 


Pic on Facebook of kid holding up cross shaped bread. Conversation below: “You should carve a Jesus into that since Xmas is coming up. Then call it passion of the crust. Ha ha ha, I’m laughing at myself now.” New kid says, “Father, son and whole grain toast.” first person returns: We’re going to hell unless we get down on our knees and bagel for forgiveness.” Father please forgive us for we have Cinnabon’d” 


Facebook update from chad reads: Me: *sneezes*. Class: *silence/crickets.* Most popular girl in the grade *sneezes*. Class: god bless you sweetheart jesus lord let god protect you from that horrible sneeze.” 


Your card of sleeping drunk reads, “I like sleeping because it’s like being dead, without the commitment.” 

Facebook update from Jenny, “I’d rather be pissed off, then pissed on.” Response from first guy reads, “This is one of those times when the difference between then and than is very important.”