BAMF: I shot Aaron

Yesterday, Tina and I shot regular-reader and friend Aaron. We met up in downtown High Point, which surprisingly had a lot of great spots to shoot.

Tina and I didn’t have too much time for the shoot, but in the short 30 or 40 minutes, we got some great stuff.

We had to race home to cook for my family. I made a couple pizzas. Regular reader Paul will be thrilled to hear that I made a vegan pie. I used rice cheese and sautéed a bell pepper with mushrooms. The cheese was surprisingly good and authentic tasting.

We also shot a music video with my niece Eva yesterday. We did one last year as well. It’s with a Selena Gomez song, so sharing it is a no-no. But Eva gets to share it with her friends all she wants.

Today’s our last day in the fog. We’re having a great time. We can’t wait to sit in the car all day tomorrow.

I know I missed Wednesdog yesterday. I’m pretty sure I have a legitimate excuse. We’ll get back into full swing next week.

Any New Year’s plans?