Louis C.K. on Fresh Air with Terry Gross


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Louis C.K. was on Fresh Air with Terry Gross today.

Over Christmas, my brother Jon told me about how Louis CK is self-producing some work, selling it online and using proceeds to contribute to charities and also to invest in his own company.

There’s a lot about his business model that’s appealing and inspirational to me.

I wanted to recommend listening to the interview for the opening of the show. He does a bit about sitting in first class that is hysterical.

Go listen here.

The first part of the show is with atheist Seth MacFarlane which is pretty good, too.

Bon appétit!

On beauty, Photoshop, women, men, girls, boys and you!

The above is piss-poor photoshop work anyway. Read below for more information.

Friend, blogger and regular-reader Biodork posted about Photoshopped beauty yesterday based on a post inspired by atheist blogger Lousy Canuck Jason Thibeault. Even PZ Myers posted about perceived beauty recently here.

I read Biodork’s interpretation and then read through Lousy Canuck’s post, and then scanned through the links.

The posts detail how Photoshop is hugely responsible for creating unattainable beauty that influences young women. It gives them a false sense of beauty. Both posts leave out that it influences men as well.

I’m a photographer and work in Photoshop a lot. I’ve given the topic of beauty a lot of thought. I’m biased. I admit that wholly. I’m an advocate of Photoshop as a photography tool.

First, Photoshop is not the enemy. Ignorance is the enemy. Photoshop might be a factor, but it shouldn’t be called out as the enemy of what’s pretty and good.

The fact is that everyone, from gorgeous to normal, can benefit from Photoshop.

What I want to explain is that beauty is everywhere. I see it in the faces of almost everyone I meet. Finding beauty and relaying that is a learned trait. This is something my dad instilled in me. As an artist, it’s my job to make you look and feel beautiful, handsome, badass, cool, etc.

And while other people fail miserably at finding beauty in almost everyone — young, old, black, white, fat, skinny, and all traits this way and that — I find the beauty in people and attempt to convey that to you.

Even the most beautiful people in the world aren’t as gorgeous as you think. Stop any gorgeous, well-made up, cleanly waxed, beautiful bodied woman or man in time at 1/200th of a second, stare at the image, and I can show you 1,000 ugly things about them. But I can also show you 2,000 beautiful things.

Perception is key.

This is a long post and I’m going to put the rest below the fold. I broke up my thoughts and separated them with emboldened text. The last couple/few sentences sum up my thoughts to help you skim a little faster. Either that, or read the whole thing. I realize this isn’t a perfect argument, but it’s an alternative perspective of “Blame Canada Photoshop!”

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Le Café Witteveen 2011 Year in Review

2011 was a great year for Le Café Witteveen. And it’s thanks to you.

We saw a 111% increase in traffic (year over year), which was almost 100,000 more hits in 2011 than 2010. We saw days in November that easily averaged out to over 1,000 hits a day, which tittled my tattle like nobody’s business.

There’s been great growth since I started the blog in 2009. And I couldn’t be happier.

I don’t have a definitive vision of where I want this blog to go. Other atheists blog lots of different content. I personally enjoy the variety here. But I constantly wonder what makes you come back.

As most of you know, I like the jokes. I like to talk about what’s going on in my world. I like science. I like making commentary on the world.

This is an atheist blog. But it’s not exclusively atheist.

For all you lurkers and regulars, I’d love to know what brings you back.

So … what brings you back? Throw me a bone in the comments.

For all you subscribers, I’d like to know if you would subscribe if I moved this blog to its own server off the WordPress.com network. I’ve been meaning to do it for some time. It would give me more freedom to post more variety of videos and photos. And it would give me a chance to control the advertising better. Right now, I’ve noticed that WordPress forces you to look at some weird advertising that I don’t see when I’m signed in.

What do you want to see more of? Less of?

Any which way, your readership means a lot to me. So thank you.

We’ll keep it buzzing in 2012 … with your help.


A baptist mom takes on the Black Eyed Peas

I had to look up IFB. It means Independent Fundamental Baptist. 

From the wiki:

Independent Baptist churches (some also called Independent Fundamental Baptist, or IFB) are Christian churches generally holding to conservative Baptist beliefs. They are characterized by being independent from the authority of denominations or similar bodies. Members of such churches comprised three percent of the United States adult population according to a 2008 survey.[1] According to the same survey, they represent less than 15 percent of adults who consider themselves Baptist.[1]

Via Jesus Needs New PR

What Joanne Casey is posting

It’s no mystery, Joanne Casey over at I have seen the whole of the Internet trips me out. These cartoons she posted seemed more apropos to the subject matter of this blog than usual. So I grabbed ’em.

The last one is just for the heck of it.


Two aztecs talking. First: “I only had enough room to go up to 2012.” Other: “Ha! that’ll break somebody out someday.” 

“How does moses make tea?” Hebrews it.

Screencap of text conversation: 1: Hi babe, what are you doing?” 2: “Nothing much. ’em really tired. Just going to sleep now babe. You? 1: “In the club standing behind you.”