Friday afternoon reading list

I haven’t done a reading list in a while so here we go.

  • The Minnesotastan over at TYWKIWDBI recently read and reviewed “Destiny of the Republic” a biography on president James Garfield. I know several of you would enjoy this review and the book.
  • The NBC powers that be have heard the collective scream of Community fans and will be bringing the show back. Let’s hope the producers write some decent material to appease us fans who faded away.
  • What is it like to have an understanding of very advanced mathematics? Read on.
  • Apparently writing is the greatest invention of all time. Read why.

Above, FRIEKE JANSSEN’S SMOKING KIDS. Don’t worry, they aren’t really smoking. It’s some sort of cheese. check it out here.

Photography: Gag Order promo shot

I’ve been working my ass off on the image above featuring local band Gag Order. I wanted to share it here.

I think it works. The front woman looks all badass and the band has that, I’m going to kick your ass look. I love how the details in the elevator are accentuated. There’s a shiny-ness to the walls, and the floor looks like you’d get a splinter if you ran your fingers over it.

For shits, I’m going to put the original shot below the fold so you can see before and after.

I spent upwards of two hours on editing. One thing that’s bothering me is skin tones. I like them alright, but I feel they are cooler instead of warmer. For this image, it’s okay, but I need to figure out how to do the process above without losing skin warmth.

I can’t wait to shoot again.

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Dieting via New Scientist, the list that we’ve all been waiting for

This Eight Lazy Ways to Lose Weight article from New Scientist is an interesting read. Seeing that we’ve come off the holiday season of gluttony and over-indulgence, we could use a scientific approach to the extra pounds or kilos we added to our bodies.

I saw one sign over Christmas that said, “Eating lots of Chocolate makes you clothing shrink.”

So go take a look.

One snippet:

Over the past three decades, homes in the US and UK have become warmer. Fiona Johnson at University College London and colleagues think this may be making us fatter (Obesity Reviews, vol 12, p 543). Simona Bo of the University of Turin, Italy, agrees. In a study of more than 1500 middle-aged adults, her team found that those whose home temperatures ranked in the top third were about twice as likely to become obese over the six-year period of the research (International Journal of Obesity, vol 35, p 1442).

Okay, one more:

If your idea of a holiday workout is lifting glasses of beer late into the night, then it’s not just the extra calories you need to worry about. Randy Nelson and his team at Ohio State University in Columbus found that mice exposed to light at night weighed 10 per cent more at the end of the eight-week study than mice that had experienced a standard light/dark cycle, even though they ate the same total number of calories and did the same amount of exercise (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, vol 107, p 18664). Several other studies have found that shift work makes people fatter.

Via Kottke