Photography: Gag Order promo shot

I’ve been working my ass off on the image above featuring local band Gag Order. I wanted to share it here.

I think it works. The front woman looks all badass and the band has that, I’m going to kick your ass look. I love how the details in the elevator are accentuated. There’s a shiny-ness to the walls, and the floor looks like you’d get a splinter if you ran your fingers over it.

For shits, I’m going to put the original shot below the fold so you can see before and after.

I spent upwards of two hours on editing. One thing that’s bothering me is skin tones. I like them alright, but I feel they are cooler instead of warmer. For this image, it’s okay, but I need to figure out how to do the process above without losing skin warmth.

I can’t wait to shoot again.

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