It’s Saturbaby!

I’m pretty sure this is the first Le Café Witteveen Saturbaby, and hopefully not the last.

Our very own George W. and his wife welcomed Geneva Belle into their lives yesterday, January 6 at 10:47. She weighed in at eight pounds even.

George said, “She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”


He promises to get pictures to us soon, so I drew you a picture to tide you over.

Let’s all give a warm baby welcome to Geneva Belle.

National Geographic Photography Contest Winners: 2011


Would you look at that photo!

No wonder I can’t win a prize at National Geographic’s photo contest. That shot is AMAZING!!!

Check out the runners up and honorable mentions here.

About the shot above:

Shikhei Goh, of Indonesia, took the grand prize honors with his amazing photograph of a dragonfly in the rain and will be published in the magazine.

There were more than 20,000 submissions. And the categories included Nature, People and Places.


It’s Caturday!

This wonderful, unseasonably warm Caturday is brought to you by regular-reader Steve’s cat Fred. In the picture above, you can imagine that Fred is purring her little buns off.

Wait, “her”?

I’m going to let Steve explain:

The story:

Fred was brought into the vet clinic where my niece was doing an internship one summer.

Fred had a severely dislocated hip that had tried to knit itself almost backwards, a severe flea infestation, and was slightly malnourished.

Right off the bat, he was discovered to be a she.

The vet, rather than humanely euthanize her, decided to “bone up” on his orthopedic skills and performed a femoral head osteotomy (removed the ball portion of the hip joint) and put her back into at least stabile health.

Several weeks later, she needed a loving, forever home to continue her recuperation and I happen to be the one lucky enough to say yes. She gained a new name based on the character from Hamlet which I happen to be reading at the time. She recovered wonderfully and other than a few minor issues has been incredibly healthy.

Ophelia will be 13 years old this coming summer and is of course spoiled completely rotten. She and I are truly inseperable.

Everyone put their paws together for Fred.

Thanks, Steve for the warm story on a warmish Caturday!