Wayne Ballard writes Evolution is a myth letter to the editor, reddit responds

Some Bowling Green, KY resident named Wayne Ballard wrote a letter to the editor of his local rag claiming that Evolution is a myth.

He makes the argument from complexity, and even boasts that there is great evidence that the world is 10,000 years old. Oddly enough, every time I drive through Kentucky, the view of an old earth is validated. They have these beautiful exposed layered rock formations that border the highways. Their age must be many millions of years old.

Ballard writes:

Maybe if we looked at the sciences of anthropology, archaeology, geology, biology, etc., as well as both secular and Bible history. Maybe we could form our own opinion, without someone else telling us what we believe.

And then later:

There is more evidence for the world being less than 10,000 years old than billions or millions of years old, but again, what is your mindset?

It takes a lot less faith to believe in a living, loving, patient God that has everything in His control (even when we tell Him we don’t want Him in our lives, our schools or our society). Our society was a lot safer and healthier 50 years ago before sin and immortality (old politically incorrect terms) were accepted as normal.

I’m over here waiting for some evidence that goddidit.

And doesn’t it suck to look at all of science and think that you must re-work it to fit the Christian perspective instead of the perspective that neither requires or needs a god or deity to be a part of it?

Go check out the editorial and see how reddit totally bombarded Ballard and the rest of Bowling Green with responses.


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