Get ready for cuteness … here’s pictures of Geneva Belle

George W. sent me pictures yesterday to share with you all. Meet Geneva Belle. Here’s her stats again: “Geneva-Belle Blanche Waye was born 10:47 PM on Friday Jan. 6th 2012.”

There were a few pictures that looked like Geneva was on the set for some sci-fi flick.

Pretty cool ski goggles, Geneva!

Apparently that machine cures jaundice and makes her look cool at the same time. She has to sit under the light for about a day in a half.

I want to sit under that light for a day and a half.

Here’s a quick one of the proud brothers and sister. Pretty soon, George will need a bus to transport his tiny colony around town.

Give your best to George and the rest of his brood as they welcome Geneva Belle into their home and hearts.

Remember when you used to smoke a cigar with the father? Whatever happened to those days?

New band name: David and the Philistine Foreskins

Above is a relief depicting a battle from the Bible in which David brought back 200 Philistine army foreskins (1 Samuel 18:27).

You know you love the guide book that includes stories of nobility using the flesh around the tip of a penis as a trophy.

Nothing says, “I’m a winner” like giving the president of the United States 200 bloody pieces of flesh.

“But, Mr. Obama, the bible told me so!”


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The forest for the trees

Many of you would agree that once your mind is opened to something new, you can’t look back.

I feel that way about belief. But lately, I’ve been feeling it in photography. I blame Bill.

Not really.

But I can’t look at any of my photography the same. And goodness knows I have so much further to go. And it’s a road I take seriously. I’m enjoying the ride. A lot.

Here are some more shots of Forest that I edited yesterday.

Tina and I agreed that the shot above is “so me.” I’ve often had an image of my head that is looking down, pensive. It’s borderline sad. Borderline afraid. But inside, there’s a lot of confidence and hope. I like the idea that I directed it, and enjoyed the editing process.

I did the editing in color, and Bill recommended B&W. The image appeals to me. I hope it does to you, too.

Below is a shot we did. I think I remember Bill saying to his girlfriend, “Hey, Mer, don’t we have a spray bottle?” The next thing I know I’m telling Tina to really squirt the hell out of Forest’s chest and face. I like how the mist is flowing into the shot.

Hope you like them.

Click to enlarge.