David Hayward gives the nakedpastor bump to Quiet Company

Just saw on Facebook that NakedPastor David Hayward is giving his approval and blessing to Quiet Company’s new album, We are all where we belong. Through his web site, you can download six songs for free. This is a great opportunity to download the album if you put it off.

If you get a chance, go over to the blog post and give those believers an extra push to pick this album up.

You never know, you might get accuse of proselytizing disbelief.

Shame, shame … know your name.


Glory Days

Listen to any conservative on TV, the radio, or your old man, and they’re likely to say something like, “The fact is that we need someone to shake things up in D.C. ’cause the status quo is not working and both parties are to blame for the status of the world.”

Or they say, “We need to go back to the old ways when everything was peachy. Tradition! Conservation!”


Let’s go back to the Roman days when democracy was born. Let’s adopt their gods, their plumbing, their science and their sexual freedoms!

Oh wait, you want to go back to the early American days, when women were crapped on. Minorities were shit on, and there wasn’t freedom of information that we enjoy now.

And why go back? It’s like the conservatives are all meathead, high school glory day dorks getting older. They’re collectively hoping to get back to when their bodies were taut, their wives were one hot chick among their girlfriends and their innocence of life was naive. Or they are women who are fighting to keep their dirty secrets … secret.

Why do glory day-minded folks want to go back? Because they LOVED those times and hate what the future means … which amounts to nothing more than death.

We can’t have gays marry … because they couldn’t marry when I was young! Ahhh, GLORY DAYS!!!

We can’t allow women to be free to choose … because they had little choice when I was little! Ahhh, GLORY DAYS!!!

We can’t allow freedom of religions in the US … because all I knew were Christians growing up! GLORY!!!!

Don’t tell me to go back. Don’t tell the future that they have to adopt old ways. They want NEW ways. We need progress. Progress means I can have the science of the future. And you and your children can too.

It’s most important to fight for the future with embrace of the present and with the past in the back of the mind.

I say put it in the colon and shit it out. Flush it and forget it … forget it just like all those glory day lovers forgot that the olden days weren’t that great.

It’s Wednesdog!

This week’s Wednesdog is brought to you by Achilles, and, well, Bill Whitmire.

During Saturday’s shoot, some mutual friends of ours brought over their dogs for a quick shot or two.

We had just shot another dog, and we were baffled on how to get the dog to shut its mouth. We’ve had a couple different common obstacles with dogs. One of them is to get their ears up. Most nervous dogs put them back, and it shows in the portraits.

We think we’ve overcome that.

The other obstacle is to get the dog to calm down enough to shut its mouth. We were hoping to grab Achilles with his mouth shut when Bill got the bright idea to time a squeaky toy with a snapping off a couple shots.

It worked like a charm. Although the shot below doesn’t feature Achilles mouth completely closed, the alternative was a panting dog which we didn’t want.

Stay tuned for Achilles sister boxer Pandora who may (or may not) steal your heart.

You know how Batman couldn’t move his neck — well, call me Batman


I woke up this morning at 6 a.m., used the bathroom and went back to bed.

Sometime between then and getting up later, I screwed something up in my back or neck. I mean, it’s pretty freaking bad. It’s not one of those crick things that hurts when you turn your head left or right. It’s a full-fledge, “holy shit I can’t leave my head still and it not hurt” hurt.

Tina thinks it’s from stress. I have spent a lot of time in my desk chair lately. Monday and Tuesday I did 13 and 14 hour days.

Whatever the case, it sucks.

I need to take it easy, which probably means a little lighter day around here. I didn’t get much scheduled for today.

I’ll get a Wednesdog up later. Don’t worry about that … Jude!

Ha ha.

Picking on one reader about that is so funny.