History of U.S. Intervention in Iran – 1953 Until Present

I found this via TYWKIWDBI, where he writes:

Various viewpoints re the video, both pro and con, are expessed in the Reddit thread.

About the video:

Uploaded by on Jun 16, 2010

This video is a basic overview of U.S. imperialism toward Iran that began at the behest of the British Government and big oil interests including British Petroleum also recently known as BP.

The United States’ own CIA led it’s first coup to overthrow a foreign leader against Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953, The U.S. has suffered “Blowback: ever since, all the while the supposed leaders in Washington continue to demonize Iran’s leaders on flimsy grounds as more pretense to continued Middle East war and occupation by the U.S.

Study those who actually vote against getting the U.S. into wars based on false pretense, at places like http://ThePresident.Com

Chances are, you’ve already seen this one

This cool video of a guy speaking poem about religion versus Jesus is making the rounds.

And it’s cool. I agree. It’s slick.

And it exposes a lot of complaints many people have for religious folks. And it had me for a while. Well, until it goes into the message of Jesus.

When will that message finally be seen as the opposite of the way believers make it out to sound? It’s not that great. It’s not spectacular. It’s kind of sick.

You know, if I don’t think he’s there, then I’m out. Club rules.

And … the whole, “Let’s call it something other than religion movement” is already old.

Just call it what it is, if you’re in the in group, you get eternal reward. If not, no biggie. Even if you think I’m going to hell, revel in your prize and move on.

Jesus needs newer PR than this video.

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God told me to punch a man square in his broken sternum to cure him of cancer

Amazing! In the age of cameras, access to doctors to verify the story, frauds are still getting away with telling grandiose stories of miracles.

What century is this?

Quacks, liars and crooks.

And yet people still wonder why the humanists, the secularists, the realists won’t leave them alone. It’s because assholes like this ruin it. You don’t go on camera saying this shit.


These people need to be marginalized.

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