Can someone yell, “Touchdown!”

This one couldn’t wait for Caturday.

Here’s an astonishing moment that happened. Talulah was lying on the bed (with us, of course) and Zoe waltzed up and laid down.

When she bumped up against Talulah, Tina almost lost her shit.

I mean, Tina’s dreams are coming true … just in time for our trip to Bali next month!


Phew! Alcoholics made the cut

Or maybe alcoholics didn’t get cut. Whatever the case, this Baptist billboard is likely going to appeal to you!

I mean, don’t you feel that?

Do you notice that feeling of warmth and giddiness like the surge of happiness after meeting a love interest for the first time?

Well, so do I!

It helps that there are flames on the billboard that indicate warmth. That did me a favor.

It also helps to make a list of things that the likelihood of you qualifying for is 99.9%. I mean, I love being a card carrying occultist. Don’t you?

Seriously though, if you’re not busy living the life of an immoral old person, you’re likely doing some lesbo action today. I don’t think it’s been five minutes since the last time I bumped muffins.

It’s great that “Beer Addicts” are listed, but “alcoholics” fell on the cutting room floor for this one. I got a little worried that I qualified for too many of these so-called sins.

Pro-tip to Baptists: you can’t make a list of practically normal human activities and think, “Wow, watch ’em fill the pews.”

I take it back. You can’t put a list up like this and expect strong minded, individually thinking minds to go fill up pews. The gullible? The weak minded? The will be herded through your doors momentarily.

Wow. Just wow.

It’s times like this when I don’t see the appeal of belief. At all.

Oh noes! Mitt can barely say, my name is Mitt in French … we should hate him!

Gingrich can yap all he wants about Mitt, Newt’s never going to get nominated. Okay, don’t say never.

The guy oozes douche. I don’t know who is tugging his balls to think he could get the nomination.

At the end, it says something about a Massachusetts moderate cannot beat Barack Obama. Actually, Mitt is the only GOP shithead who could beat Barack Obama.

Although I’d love to see what Ron Paul would do if he lived in the White House for four years. You know, it’d be a little experiment.

Dan Savage sings the hits

Dan Savage speaking at IWU

From this article at, Dan Savage says:

Well, we’ve been seeing this throughout the campaign, where Bachmann and Romney and Perry and Santorum, they’ve all been challenged not by activists or gay organizations, but by individual voters. … Increasingly LGBT people are empowered, not ashamed,” he said. “They’re attacking us, and we’re confronting them. We’re holding them accountable and calling them on their lies and their ‘pious baloney,’ to borrow Newt Gingrich’s phrase. America is waking up to the fact that we’re not bogeymen, and we’re not coming to do any harm, and that we’re your daughters and sons and neighbors, sometimes your parents, your co-workers, friends, colleagues. The Republican party, in this desperate [nod] to its dying evangelical base, is just ramping up the homophobia, and they’re doing themselves real long-term damage.

“What’s interesting is that, you look at who’s been doing the most hate speech: Bachmann? She’s out. Herman Cain? He’s out. Perry? He’s all but out. Santorum? He’s running fourth, he’s trailing even in conservative South Carolina,” Savage continued.

“It’s not winning them the election anymore. It’s not 1992; Pat Buchanan can’t get up and give a ‘gay rights never, family values forever’ speech at the Republican National Convention anymore. Times have changed.