John 3:16 gets a cuteness upgrade … still possibly the worst verse in the entire bible.

Focus on the Family released a really cute commercial with kids quoting John 3:16.

What these kids don’t realize is that John 3:16 is probably the worst verse in the entire bible.

It tells people that Jesus is such a demonic asshole that he’s willing to send people — who commit the thought crime of disbelief — to a place of eternal torture.

Decry me for taking the message out of context?

Go ahead. I know this text much better than you may ever know.


Is this really the idea you want to share with people to make your ideas look good?

I don’t only think so. I know so.

John 3:16 is an abomination to natural thought. And promoting it is not nearly as good as Focus on the Family thought when they produced this cute video.

Don’t forget to donate your $5 when you’re finished watching the cuteness.

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Let’s compare and contrast

These quasi celebrities and their link to their deities. Didn’t God tell Michele Bachmann to run for President of the United States. Maybe he said, “Resident of the Untied Slates,” and she heard him wrong.


Graphic with Tim Tebow and Lance Armstrong reads: Tim Tebow: a fundamentalist Christian quarterback who has helped his team win a few games lately. Believes he is chosen by God and thanks Him for his achievements. Lance Armstrong: An atheist who survived brain, lunch and testicular cancer, and won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times. Gives Credit to his doctors and his hard work for this achievements. 


It’s Caturday!


This Caturday is brought to you by warmth seeking cuddle machine, Zoe!


Tina and I were editing video this week and Zoe decided to paw her way behind me in my chair. Tina tried to take photos with her phone.

It was difficult to show how she was sitting back there, but I think you might get the idea.



Oooo, look what you can do with photos these days

Two nights ago, I took the above photo of a tree laden with snow.

It’s not a magnificent photo by any means, but it’s attractive.

You may not know that this wasn’t taken during the day. It was taken at night with available light. The available light was yellow, from street lamps. Color correcting and enhancing the shot a little made the sky appear blue.

This is the image I started with (below). I loved how the clouds turned blue, as if it were taken during the day on a clear sky.

In my head, this was a more significant post. But, it’s going to be a light news day here, so consider this fluff.