It’s Wednesdog!

Meet Pandora. She’s the sister of last week’s Wednesdog, Achilles.

Pandora is my buddy Lenny’s other dog. And, man, is she sweet.

Lenny is the kind of guy who would scare most old ladies if they saw him walking down the street. He’s got tattoos and those things in his ears.

But if those same ladies would get to know him, they’d melt under the heat of his genuine kindness. He’s the only guy I know that can call a stranger — in front of her fiancé — “sweetheart” and get away with it.

Pandora is Talulah’s girlfriend, and when they’re together, the rest of the world doesn’t exist. It’s amazing to see them together, romping, biting, loving.

Here’s another shot of Pandora for your viewing pleasure. You gotta love those bloodshot eyes.

If you’re new to Wednesdog, just search for Wednesdog in the search field. You’ll see what it’s all about. 🙂

Big box store anxiety #Staples #Bestbuy #Target #upselling

If there isn’t a term for going to the cashier at big box stores like Staples or Best Buy and getting a weird anxiety, there should be.

We’ll call it, “Big Box anxiety” or “BB ANGST.”

Every time I shop at Best Buy, Target, Staples, etc., I have to strengthen my mental fortitude to say “no” to all the crap they try to up-sell you.

“Do you want our credit card? You can save 10% today?”

“Do you want a complimentary subscription to one of these fine magazines?”

“Do you have a Staples card? I can sign you up for one right now. Don’t forget to sign up so you can receive 10% off.”


You shouldn’t have to go to these stores and worry about all the shit the cashier is going to sell you because out-of-touch, greedyass executives require their minimum wage cashiers to do their every bidding.

I’ve told Best Buy people that I understand they are doing what they’re told, but that it really makes for a shitty shopping experience for me.

So go fuck yourselves, big box stores. Let us check out without having to run through the gauntlet of “What’s your phone number?” What’s your zip code?” “What’s your bra size?” “How long is your penis?”


Kinotopic Cinemagraphs

Regular-reader and now regular contributor Luis V. sent me a message today letting me know about a new iPhone App called Kinotopic. It gives any old human with an iPhone the ability to make a pretty quick Cinemagraph, which is that thing I’ve been talking about doing more often with photos.

They are a twist on animated GIFs and they are so part of your future in one way or another.

To use the app, you create a 4 second video clip and mark what you want to be in motion and what you want static. And then you get an email a few hours later letting you know your Kinotopic is finished.

So it’s not immediate gratification, but it’s cool.

The one thing I will criticize Kinotopic for is that they want to change the vocabulary of “cinemagraphs” to their version of the word.

I hate that. That’s like trying to brand your Q-tip as Cotton-tip and telling the world to stop calling it by what it wants.

Everyone wants to jump on the nomenclature bandwagon.

Other than that, it’s a pretty cool little app, and it’s free today, so go get it!



Pope Mohammed and Compliments

“You’re so pretty,” says Pope Mohammed. He’s doing “Walk the Dog” with a purple Duncan yo-yo. The spinning plastic makes a scuff noise on a wood floor in your living room.

“You’re so pretty,” repeats Pope Mohammed. “That you should do porn is one of the best compliments you can give a young girl.”

Pope Mohammed loses the spin in his walked dog and he’s forced to rewind the string, before trying again.


Top 10 hottest celebrity atheists

I thought all celebrities were atheists, but I guess not.

But if you have to make a list of the top 10 celebrity atheists, Phil Ferguson at Skeptic Money has a good one.

Of course he didn’t have room for 11, or you would have been on the list too.

Go check it out!


Apparently it’s a top 12 list and my whole post is bunk-a-fied … I read real good …

My bad. I guess you really didn’t make the list.

Because pizza ain’t good unless it’s made of 10 different meats

If I haven’t posted one of these videos from Epic Meals, it’s not because I didn’t want to. I can’t find any posts that include it by that name.

Regular reader Luis V just sent me this link as a reminder of the culinary genius, erhm, extravagance … erhm … I don’t know what you call this.

This video is the rough equivalent of meth addicts making meth, recording themselves doing it, and hoping you might join them at home.

Because if you make food like these guys and booze it up the way they do … you will kill yourself faster than Paula Deen.

Thanks, Luis for the link!