When regular readers wed

I’m excited to announce that Tina and I will be shooting regular reader Luis V and his fiancée Becky’s wedding in March!

Last October, Tina and I had a job in New York City, where we took one evening to eat at regular reader Luis V’s house.

While we were with Luis and his then girlfriend Becky, suddenly Becky’s face brightened with excitement and she said, “We have an announcement to make. We’re engaged!”

Screams were squealed. Hugs were given. And many congratulations and shared excitement ensued.

Luis told me that night that he’d like us to be there and to shoot the wedding. To which I immediately said, “Of course.”

Just before Christmas, Luis called us and officially hired us. Which, oddly enough, I didn’t announce here right away because of the holidays. You guys all run for the hills around that time, and I wanted the announcement to get full exposure.

Becky and Luis are getting married in Maryland, and it’ll be the second wedding I’ve shot for a regular reader. Many of you remember that I shot Xina’s wedding in 2010.

We’re lucky enough to have hung out with both Becky and Luis when we have visited NYC, so we feel like we’re going to be a welcome, familiar part of their celebration.

Just to give you a bit of background, Becky and Luis met on match.com. I met Luis online and in person a few times before meeting Becky, and I could tell when I met her that Luis caught a genuine case of the smittens. They’re great together. When you’re in their presence, it’s like walking into a fog of smart.

I love that.

Most of all, I’m excited to shoot a secular wedding. Becky and Luis will be leaving god out of their celebration, although by state law, they are required to have a church-related officiant perform the ceremony.

I mean, unless you’re having an orgy, there really is no reason to invite a third entity into your marriage. It makes things complicated. Love is hard enough as it is without inviting Yeshua or any other deity into it.

I’ve been twiddling my thumbs trying to come up with this post for a couple weeks. I hope I do justice to my excitement.



7 thoughts on “When regular readers wed

  1. Thank you for the kind words d00d! We’re quite excited to have you guys there as well! 😀

    On a totally unrelated note, I wish I owned a light diffuser. 😦

  2. Congratulations to Luis the Fifth! I’m so happy for you and Becky, and look forward to seeing some wedding photos.

    Does Maryland not have secular officiants? No Justice of the Peace? Misty and I got married by a Baptist Minister- but we were both (marginally) religious at the time. I never really had to deal with that issue. Here in Ontario, there are a few options for people looking for a religion-free wedding. Given that same-sex marriage is perfectly legal here- that is probably for the best.

  3. Thanks biodork!

    GW – Thank you sir!

    To answer your question, there are no secular officiants in Maryland. The state requires all officiants to have a religious affiliation. Also, the county justice of the peace who’d have to marry us, is big time Republican and Christian and it would be at his discretion to travel offsite (outside the courthouse) to perform a wedding. We called him and he never replied. I contacted American Humanists of Maryland and they’re itching to wed a couple and have the state dispute the marriage as illegal because of the lack of religious affiliation of the officiant. That way they could sue the State in court to try and eliminate the religious restriction. I just don’t want our wedding status in limbo until a court hears our case.
    Fortunately we found an officiant who, despite a religious affiliation, seems totally cool to perform a totally secular ceremony (Says he has performed these before).

  4. Congrats Luis and Becky! I know you’re already a fan of Jeremy’s work, but I am excited for you to see his photos of a time so special in your lives. I look at our wedding photos so often and each time I’m amazed at how he captured the day. I’m looking forward to seeing your wedding photos!

  5. Congratulation Luis and Becky … Shame about the religidiot who’ll have to do the service but the occasion will more than outweigh that aspect. Over here they do it the right way..all weddings are secular and then people have an optional religious event.

  6. I so down with that cinemagraph, Biodork!

    Xina, you made my day. Seriously. Kinda got a little tear in my eyeballs.

    I love me some secular love!

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