Snowy weekends

This weekend isn’t only going to be snowy, it’s going to be busy.

Tonight, Tina and I are shooting a rehearsal dinner at Wildfire downtown. Tomorrow, I’m shooting a tradeshow during the day and then I’m headed over to a small commitment ceremony to shoot that.

On Sunday, I’m going to do photo editing and some errands. Monday, we shoot a trade show in the morning, a tribute video in the afternoon, followed by a photo shoot with a band on Monday evening.

All before running out to have dinner with my cousin for her birthday.

Right now, predictions for snow are ranging from 4 to 8 inches. I know it’s nothing compared to you Canadians, but it’s tough on Chicago to get that much snow in one short period. It makes for heavy commute times and much slower travel.

I’m glad I enjoy what I do, but my back isn’t yet 100%. Every morning there’s something pinching in my upper shoulder area, and it eases as the day progresses.

We’ll see how it goes. I’ll get a Caturday scheduled for tomorrow so look for that.

Any weekend plans for you?

Above image is from the Daily What

Let me run something by you

Many of you know Tina’s birthday present is a trip to Bali, Indonesia. We’ll be there for two weeks in February.

PZ Myers posted a story about an Indonesian atheist who is getting dragged through a complex muddy mire of government and social backlash for his involvement with an atheist Facebook page.

My worry is if I’m in Indonesia posting to Le Café Witteveen with local IP addresses, I might put myself in some kind of danger if the local government polices that kind of thing.

Maybe while I’m gone, I’ll take down my “about” page.

What’s your take on it? Should I worry?

Should I refrain from blogging here for those week, and send you guys over to my professional page to follow our pictures and blogs?

What sayeth you?

America is F*cked… (Graphically at least)

If you get a chance, check out this video of graphic designer Aaron Draplin talking about the decline of art in American culture.

I agree with it 100%.

Not safe for work. You have been warned.

About the video:

Uploaded by bluehaus on Apr 2, 2011

by Jess Gibson (
This is Aaron Draplin telling me a story about a sign. He’s a graphic designer and very passionate about what he does. Strong language- mostly lots of F words. If you like design stuff you gotta check out his site.

Science meet Art. Art, Science.

Check this art out from PhD student May K.

I’m probably going to botch up what it is exactly, so I’m going to let May K’s description speak for itself:

[The pictures] are based on contours of different proteins. I vary and rotate the three-dimensional protein image by means of a special computer software until an interesting shape appears. Subsequently, I color and design the produced snapshot so that the image I saw becomes obvious to the viewer.

My goal is not only to show my drawings. I also attempt to provide you with some information about the different proteins. I prefer to do so in an informal and hopefully humorous way.

From Protein to Art

I learned about this artist after May K. liked a post here. A lot of bloggers who like my work are neither here nor there. I wonder if the only reason they like one of mine is to get a reciprocated like from me. I have followed several blogs who liked something here, but I’ve also wanted to tell some bloggers to give up.

These images are so cool, and I could see PZ Myers lining his walls with them.

Here’s another.