Saturday nooner: Sounds great. Let’s move on.

Before a video shoot, I like to make sure my sound is solid before I leave the house. I’ve arrived too many times on jobs and a lavalier or wire wasn’t working properly.

I asked Tina to pick up a book and read randomly from it, and this is what she read out of Ryu Murakami’s book “Almost Transparent Blue.”

Don’t look at this for light or focus. You might find yourself disappointed.

Somewhat modern take on lemonade from lemons

Who still doesn’t turn off their phone during performances and group gatherings anymore?


Should be federal offense punishable with prison sentence.

It should be deemed worse than being an atheist. Well, maybe not that bad. How about worse than rapists?

Via I have seen the whole of the Internet

It’s Caturday!

This Caturday is going out again to regular reader Steve P’s cat Ophelia.

Hey, I’m not that picky. If you guys send me more photos, I’ll be forced to post them as well.

Steve writes:

Ophelia loves shoes and since these were sitting in the sun drying after being washed, it was a double win for her.

I could use a good warm, sunny spot right now … minus Steve’s shoes, that is!

Thanks, Steve!