Philosophical Twins

Image of twins supposedly in the womb reads, “Hey brother! do you think there’s a life after birth? Do you believe in Mom? Nah, I don’t believe these things. I’m an atheist. I mean, have you ever seen Mom?”

Of course the biggest difference between mom and god is no mother would say, “So you don’t believe in me, eh? You’re going to be tortured in heat and pain for the rest of your existence.”

God, on the other hand, not so kind.

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Lighting test

Last night, I grabbed this shot of another photographer named Jennifer who was helping out on Bill Whitmire’s shoot. I wasn’t going to help, but I ended up stopping by and helping too.

For very little makeup, I thought it was pretty cute.

But the other thing was we shot at f5.6 and this is at 200mm. The depth of field was much shorter than I thought it was going to be. This is the crop out of the camera, too.

If you saw the full-res image, it’s not in focus until the lashes closer to her hair. Her right eye is out of focus.

I thought I would share.

The weekend blew by

This weekend has been borderline the longest weekend and the fastest weekend ever.

Friday night, we shot a rehearsal dinner.

Saturday, a tradeshow and a commitment ceremony.

Sunday, we edited photos and I shot with Bill in the studio.

Monday, we’re shooting a trade show, then a tribute video, then a band and finally going to dinner for my cousin’s birthday.

The above shot was a creative shot I grabbed during the commitment ceremony. That is the couple’s dog, Savannah, shot from underneath a sofa while the couple is getting married behind them.

If I do say so myself, it’s a crazy cool shot. And especially hard to get seeing the room was darker than most rooms with only a few candles in it.

I’m looking forward to showing off some more photography, but you’re going to have to bear with me while i finish out my Monday.