Philosophical Twins

Image of twins supposedly in the womb reads, “Hey brother! do you think there’s a life after birth? Do you believe in Mom? Nah, I don’t believe these things. I’m an atheist. I mean, have you ever seen Mom?”

Of course the biggest difference between mom and god is no mother would say, “So you don’t believe in me, eh? You’re going to be tortured in heat and pain for the rest of your existence.”

God, on the other hand, not so kind.

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35 thoughts on “Philosophical Twins

  1. Hi, Is the philosophical twins pic copyrighted, and do you own it? I saw it on Facebook and loved it and reshared on my wall. This morning it was gone from my wall and from the others who shared it. I thought maybe it was removed because of a copyright issue. I would like to use it on my own blog, but want to get permission first. Can you help me with this?

  2. I don’t know why the image disappeared.

    It could be the fact that someone disputed it, the discussion got long, and the original poster took it off, because he or she was embarrassed.

    As far as I’m concerned, you’re free to repost this picture. It’s an internet meme. Circulate it.

  3. Here’s a pretty good response to this ridiculous graphic at reddit:

    It shows the mother of the two babies sending one of her disbelieving babies to hell … just to show how ridiculous God’s “love” is.

    And by ridiculous, I mean completely and utterly loony tunes.

  4. now, I hate it when people do not fully understand and make a foolish assumption from how little they know of something and act as if they know it all.

    let me tell you a depressing truth.

    We are all going to hell…

    …because we are all imperfect and imperfection can never be in heaven. Just like we don’t pour in impure water into pure water, otherwise the water will not be pure anymore.

    But some people chose to believe there is God and chose to accept what He has done for them 2000 years ago.

    It’s not God who choose if you are going to hell, it’s You who choose if You want to accept the cure and live.

    One thing I AGREE with you is that God’s love really is ridiculous. Even though at this moment you are stating something against him, He stilled died for You so that You can have a chance to live! And what’s more ridiculous is that even if You choose to accept Him in really really last minute, He is always ready to accept you because He has always ALWAYS been waiting for You to come back to him.

    Well, but I guess in the end it’s Your choice to love your mum back OR not love your mum back even after she has gone through so much for You.

    1. My favorite part about your comment:

      now, I hate it when people do not fully understand and make a foolish assumption from how little they know of something and act as if they know it all.

      I was taught to tell people the same thing — word for word — that you did above.

      And you know what? It’s not as great as you think it is. But I doubt you’re coming back, as this appears very “cut and pasted”.

    2. Let me translate Helens comment for you.

      How dare you, a lowly human, claim to know how God will think and react!!!!

      Now let me tell you how God will think and react…..

      Wow! Glad you cleared that up for us!

      1. you all have extreme anger issues. its really sad, you claim some type of high ground yet when you compare comments it seems those who do believe seem more peaceful/understanding…hint hint.

      2. No one is angry in any of these responses. I’m not sure where you’re getting that.

        If your God is supernatural, he would give more supernatural responses to end-times predictions, don’t you think? Wouldn’t that be more effective coming from the almighty God of the universe instead of naturally occurring phenomenon that happens everyday?

        Your God sure is silent when it comes to my jaded anger. Don’t you feel a little lame sticking up for someone or something who is supposedly amazing, but can’t find the words or the mouth to do the dirty work himself?

        Also, we don’t hate you. We adore you, and invite you to hang out a while and respond more often.



    3. What a tragedy that the main message of Helen’s religion is how utterly, completely horrible we all are. I pity everyone that goes to her church.

      (my church wasn’t any better, by the way)

  5. Hummm as I expected you would pick up the first part of the comment. I knew you all would pick on me rather than God. Well if you got hurt or mad, I am sorry but I was mad too since your statement sounded like you had no knowledge, and just saying what others are saying.

    I know you guys are pretty angry hearing these things, or thinking christianity is ridiculous. But do you ever question yourself about the existence of God before making those statements?

    1. Helen,
      I wasn’t “picking on you”. I was rhetorically exposing the flaw in your reasoning.
      Anything less than “YES! You are totally right!” is not picking on someone. I didn’t call you names. I didn’t call God names. I even, for the sake of argument, granted you the premise that God exists.
      I’m not hurt. I’m not mad.
      Did your pastor tell you that I was mad? That I was hurt? That I was angry? I bet he did.
      If, as your comment says, you were mad and I was not- what does that say about the “knowledge” you are getting from your religion? Food for thought….

      1. Read your lovely little blurbed about the rapture being fake. Funny thing about the bible, its self fulfilling. Christs coming was mentioned several times hundreds of years in advance, so was his death and betrayal….ooooh and a bunch of the stuff (war, famine, earthquakes) that is going on now was predicted word for word in the bible. Yet the rapture is make believe? Whats going to be your fall back when millions disappear?
        I have no clue what could be going on in your mind that you think so many PROVEN facts are untrue.
        I will pray that God opens your eyes before it is too late.

      2. >>”ooooh and a bunch of the stuff (war, famine, earthquakes) that is going on now was predicted word for word in the bible”

        Earthquakes, war, and famine have been occurring concurrently amongst humans for tens of thousands of years, earthquakes and famine since the Earth formed billions of years ago and famine whenever a population of organisms were starved.

        How egotistical to think humans are so special.

      3. >>”Whats going to be your fall back when millions disappear?”

        Probably the same as yours when your silly beliefs continue to fail to come true.

  6. Good to hear that you guys aren’t so angry then.
    “Do you have a persecution complex?”
    then I wonder what was the intention for you to say that. Are you sincerely concerned that I have persecution complex? or what?

    For me it was interesting to see how people react to these kind of topics. Yours as well as mine. And the truth is… that people don’t really react like this in the public do they? Things you said here, you wouldn’t say to actual people you see face to face usually. all these fierce arguments are always on the net.

    Well if you think I am wrong, and you actually challenge other people about their beliefs for God, I truly encourage you to do that. (No, I am not being sarcastic here) Just as much I dislike ignorant comments out there about God, I DESPISE blind faith. I would not believe in something just because others say so. So if you think something is true enough for you to share it in the public, I think it is also important to inform us what makes it true in you. If you have the guts to do that, that is.

    Now, I should stop blabbing on your blog, coz I should do that in the real world where I can know who I am actually talking to. Thank you for posting about this philosophical twins, but I dare you to really bring the topic out of the net where people actually give respects and take things a bit more seriously.

    I might come back just to check if there is anymore of those… what do you call it?… poster? statements? both anti-God and for-God I’m collecting those at the moment.

    All the best

    1. Hey Helen. I stalk this blog once in awhile because I think the author has valid points against God and Christianity, so I like to read his thoughts. BUT, I am a believer in God. In fact, I was raised in orthodox Christianity, perhaps much like you. As I hear your statements, they are probably not far from statements I would have made a few years ago. Such as:

      I DESPISE blind faith

      I would not believe in something just because others say so

      It is easy to say that you despise blind faith, yet if someone is blind, are they not aware of it? Might a person who despises blind faith, also be blind themselves? From your perspective as a Christian, think of a Muslim, or a Mormon, or perhaps a Catholic. Do you think these people practice blind faith?

      So let me ask you, what makes you so sure that your faith is not blind and that everyone else is? A few years ago, as an orthodox Christian, I had no idea that my faith was as blind as anyone’s and that “I believed many things just because others said so.” The more you begin to allow yourself to ask questions of your faith–Christianity–the more you will find that it is full of blind faith, much of which is false because it is believing man-made traditions. People believe them so wholeheartedly because they’ve been passed down for so many centuries, it is like the telephone game.

      I challenge you to be open to the possibility that your faith may also have blind spots and not to think you are above deception, the way you may view others. If you want to know more about what I’m talking about, I can certainly steer you in the direction of knowing what to ask about your faith or what to examine.

      I think in the future you should also be careful about crashing onto blogs of others with different viewpoints and acting like you have all the answers, because you don’t. And even if by some miracle of God you did (while the rest of mankind doesn’t), nobody wants to listen to someone who is sure they’re right. It’s a definite obstacle to having intelligent, thoughtful conversations with others. One of the best things you can do is learn how to listen, rather than pretending you have all the answers. In the listening, you will learn. And isn’t that what we are really here for?

      Thanks for listening 🙂
      Julie Ferwerda

      1. Fantastic contradiction at the end…the Christian was wrong and the Atheist has all the right words. Not in reality. There was nothing to learn from once I carefully read George and Jeremys hateful/negative replies. If anything they made themselves look worse the more they passive aggressively attacked her wording. I will pray for both of you.

      2. “There was nothing to learn from once I carefully read George and Jeremys hateful/negative replies.”

        If you’re going make a statement like that, please quote what you found hateful. That’s the way intelligent discourse is done on the internet.

        For the record, I reread the first 3 of Jeremy’s replies, and I couldn’t find anything hateful. If I missed something, please quote it.

        Of course, I suspect you’re just a drive-by troll who’ll never return, so I won’t hold my breath…

      3. Faith,
        As Jude says, what specifically did I say that was hateful? Please provide examples.
        By “negative” do you mean “not at all supportive of her position”? If that is what you meant, then yes, I was pretty “negative”. Would you say it is wrong to question ideas that you believe are poorly formed? If no, then why are you commenting here. If yes, then…..why are you commenting here?

        See what I did there? I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.

      4. This is a metaphor for life: faith isn’t coming back. And if she did, it would likely be short lived and empty.

      5. For me, when Faith left- at first I had this empty feeling, part disappointment and part a sense that I had wasted all that time.
        On closer examination, I realize Faith was just a bunch of hollow misunderstandings fostered from years in the church.

    2. Julie,
      Thank you for making an appearance! I was praying that you might come. 😉

      This would not be what I describe as a “fierce argument”. It was more a case of us challenging what you say. Rest assured that I am no more couched in my criticisms of religion in public than I am on the net. Save one friend who I exhibited more patience with than I would have otherwise, I am happy to be critical of bad ideas in public.

  7. How could you love and praise someone who “wrote” a book on how you’re going to die??? Sounds like torture to me.

    1. Even if you let me finger Jesus’ wounds, I still wouldn’t think he was all that and a bag of chips.

  8. Jeremy my friend, if you had the sublime privilege to finger those wounds, it would have precisely the same effect on you as it had on Doubting Thomas 1000s of years ago. You would just M-E-L-T. Anyway, maybe I’m talking rubbish. While we are at it, about that philosophical baby photo, what if there was a certain medical condition affecting the umbilical cord that rendered the babies dead in utero, and the only way to be born alive was to fix it by intra-uterine surgery for which a consent form has to be signed? Sin and salvation are a little bit like that. But then we can argue some more, knowing that parables are never 100% accurate. You take what you want. While we are being philosophical, what if all of life is death, and the moment of death is our birth into an endless life? Just thinking. Why do people assume God will send us to hell whereas that is a pre-existent condition that can be cured by some maverick surgery after consent is signed? On a final note, I have always thought I was Someone’s dream. The dream is less real than the Dreamer. My existence is the proof that God is. I am Someone’s dream. Or as Jeremiah put it, does the clay ask questions about the Potter? You are either here because Apes evolved, or Someone made you. The implications of your conclusion are infinite. This is a good place to remember 2 Corinthians 4:4, about forces beyond your control preventing you from understanding certain things. It doesnt help that you feel overwhelmed by the belligerence of Christians. But then, it’s a matter of Life and ….Birth, or isnt it? See you when we are born. And depending on whether we are born alive or dead, we will either be heading home with mommy or to the morgue…..

    1. There’s nothing philosophical about what you wrote. You’ve mistaken a small box for a big picture. There’s so much more than you’re limited perspective.

      Feel free to waste your time on that crap. I choose not to waste mine.

      1. I agree with you. There is so much more. What’s six blind men to do when there’s a whole elephant to figure out? I wish you well.

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