Choosing battles is tough

I just saw this on Facebook. 

I’ve been editing photos and video since 8:30 Wednesday morning. It’s now 10:30. Ugh. 

I’m a bit bleary eyed and probably shouldn’t care what people put on Facebook. 

But if you had to respond to the above, what delightful insight might you have? 

I know you guys have responses coming out your ears. I’m leaning on you … like that song. 

Gingrich prematurely breaks a presidential promise

From Newt Gingrich and his almost hysterical bid for the GOP presidential nomination:

“By the end of my second term, we will have the first permanent base on the moon and it will be American,” Gingrich told a rapt audience, which responded with a standing ovation.

Via The Daily What and more here.

Apple’s Jobs to Obama: “jobs aren’t coming back” to U.S.

In a followup to this post about your products being manufactured overseas and possibly built by underpaid, overworked 13-year olds, here’s another article for your viewing displeasure. Read here.

The gist of the article is that not only is it more lucrative to build overseas, but America doesn’t have the infrastructure to support the markets that big manufactures require.

In Asia, specifically China, you can have a special screw at a factory that is situated next to a factory that makes glass screens … that’s next to one that makes another special component.

Another force is competition. Once Apple has a great product, then it forces other manufacturers to head overseas to find vendors with competitive components.

One driving moment in the article is a story about Steve Jobs requiring a glass screen on the iPhone that pushed them to contract in China.

You can read the whole thing yourself. But here are two long-ish snippets:

“The entire supply chain is in China now,” said another former high-ranking Apple executive. “You need a thousand rubber gaskets? That’s the factory next door. You need a million screws? That factory is a block away. You need that screw made a little bit different? It will take three hours.”

It is difficult to estimate how much more it would cost to build iPhones in the United States. However, various academics and manufacturing analysts estimate that because labor is such a small part of technology manufacturing, paying U.S. wages would add up to $65 to each iPhone’s expense. Since Apple’s profits are often hundreds of dollars per phone, building domestically, in theory, would still give the company a healthy reward.

And later:

The pace of innovation, say executives from a variety of industries, has been quickened by businessmen like Jobs. GM went as long as half a decade between major auto redesigns. Apple, by comparison, has released five iPhones in four years, doubling the devices’ speed and memory while dropping the price that some consumers pay.

Before Obama and Jobs said goodbye, the Apple executive pulled an iPhone from his pocket to show off a new application — a driving game — with incredibly detailed graphics. The device reflected the soft glow of the room’s lights.

The other executives, whose combined worth exceeded $69 billion, jostled for position to glance over his shoulder. The game, everyone agreed, was wonderful.

There wasn’t even a tiny scratch on the screen.

Thanks, Paul!

It’s Wednesdog!

Meet Marley. Marley’s an adorable girl with a sweet demeanor and face.

Marley is my next door neighbor’s current foster dog. I’m not exactly sure her mix. Shepherd perhaps?

When Marley was found by the rescue, she was covered in mange, under nourished and limpy. After an improved diet, shit, shave and shower, she’s looking pretty sweet, don’t you think?

I told my neighbor I’d shoot her gratis to help get her adopted faster.

So raise your glass to Marley, doggie foster parents and giving canines a more than fair chance to find a new home.

Thoughts on the State of the Union

Last night, I was working with the NPR broadcast of the State of the Union address on in the background.

After the speech, I wrote a response which my browser decided to flush down the toilet. What a jerk.

It’s been happening a lot, or else I would evoke that god or Satan was responsible for such a loss.

Little honk.

I gave ol’ Obama a lot of toots and butt squeezes for being a badass president. I heard him making a lot of sense. And in my mind, I heard conservatives I know searching for criticisms, but essentially only having empty comments that could be picked apart easily.

I haven’t heard anything about the speech today.

I listened to the response from Mitch Daniels, and oddly enough, a republican friend on Facebook who plans on voting republican in the next presidential election responded with updates like:

"Oh great. Daniels. Liar.

Seeing Jason’s response validated mine. I thought the guy did a shitty job of reflecting what Obama spoke about and made broad strokes of complete rubbish in response.

I’m biased, but I see the republican effort right now as a bunch of crying two year olds in a church nursery making a suckle face, holding up their hands above their heads and crying their eyes out.

I’m probably wrong. But at least those are my thoughts. 🙂

The Ten Commandments- the basis of our laws and morals

Uploaded by NonStampCollector on Jan 22, 2012

Are the biblical Ten Commandments REALLY responsible for our laws and morality, as many Christians claim? Do we owe anything to them at all?
Should they be considered significant? Displayed in public buildings such as schools and courts?

Yahweh, the old testament god, looked into the future and discovered that the mighty western civilization was getting by without paying all that much attention to his commandments, so he thought about changing them a bit in order for them to be reflective of the actual laws and values we hold to.

“Tablet”, get it? Get it?
Remember -Noah threw his at the wall and smashed it, so Moses got a more durable one (with less functionality).


Some may argue that my claim of “three out of ten” is inaccurate, and that from a certain viewpoint it more be more like four. I can live with that. I did cross reference a number of articles on the net of people claiming it’s three, others four. Either way – the purpose of the video is to show that it’s closer ZERO than it is to TEN!