UPDATED: Be the 300,000th hit and win your chance at awesomeness

Le Café Witteveen is ramjamthankyoumamin’ toward 300,000 hits.

The person who lands on the site and gets a screen capture of the ticker reading 300,000 — without photoshopping it — gets their very own, slightly used, top-of-the-line, VHS copy of “Jubei Ninpucho” a brilliant Manga film that I’ve never watched.

I take it back. They get a choice.

They could opt for the above, very awesome video, or a framed photo of an image I’ve taken of their choice. Signed, dated, and wrapped in a 7/11 plastic bag, sent to their home, and doted on by all your guests and probably your mother who will hound you for not being successful like that Witteveen boy.

So be sure to refresh until you’re the 300,000th hit.

And you’ll win the prize.

Email me the screen caps here. If no one lands the 300,000 mark, I’ll take the closest person to go over. So if it’s 300,001, they win!

But it won’t be as glorious as the 300,000 person.


I failed to mention that the counter is over to the right.

And we clearly passed 300,000 and no one has won yet. The prize is still up for grabs.

Go get ’em, tiger!

Ooooo Newt Gingrich’s pants are on *fire*

Remember when liar, liar pants on fire Newt “I’m a liar” Gingrich told the world that he could furnish character witnesses regarding his wish for an open, swingin’ marriage?

Well, he can’t produce any witnesses.

As The Daily What wrote:

In other words, [CNN’s John] King, who practically handed South Carolina to Gingrich, may have just played a critical role in taking Florida away.

In all fairness, the network in the driver’s seat is CNN, so you have to weigh in the extreme liberal bias at play (and at work) here.


Darnit! Now I can go, but @Skepticamp is filled up!

A couple of weeks ago, Biodork told me about a Chicago-based Skepticamp. At the time, I couldn’t go. But now my schedule opened up, and it’s filled up!

This is obviously a conspiracy against me. I mean, think of all the stuff I could have learned!

Think of all the people I could have influenced with my body odor!

Think of the catastrophe that will be my absence from the event.

I’m mad.

Don’t tell anyone, but I might have to crash that Skepticamp … in the name of science!

Uh oh: blogs to replace resumés … what’s going to replace fiancés?

So the New York Times says that eventually blogs, tumblrs and twitter accounts could replace your need for that old raggedy resumé.

That means, if this economy ever pushed me out of my place as a photographer slash entrepreneur and I had to go back for a real job, Le Café Witteveen might be my resumé.


I might actually have to dumb some of my crass shit down so that I can get to the level of the average American …

If you know what I mean.



The Daily What gives James Canupp the What Bump

The Daily What finally posted this video from James Canupp that I posted a few weeks ago. It gets mad hits everyday on this blog.

The Daily What is trying to steal my squealing hits!

With so many people searching for this video, I’m wondering if they are fans or people looking for it as comedy. Do you know?

Regardless, I was particularly impressed with The Daily What’s description of the video.