In Gingrich’s defense, a 2,000 YO book told him to be racist and homophobic. How can you argue with that?

Graphic reads “Family Values” with an image of Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama. Under Newt: “Married 3 times, indicted for scandal, racist/homophobic. Under Obama: Married once, faithful, no scandals, ended DADT.” 

Garsh, guys, who would I look up to and respect?

J. M. Green sings the hits

This morning, I was browsing Facebook, and a headline caught my eye from John Loftus at Debunking Christianity. It read, “John Green is now writing for the ‘Other Team.”

Curious, I opened it, and couldn’t stop reading. John Green is a missionary’s son from a Pentecostal background. Loftus quoted Green extensively from something he wrote about hell:

A couple of years ago, after being a Christian for 40 years, I started asking the hard questions I have avoided for years, and as a result I rejected the Bible as untrue, and my wife and daughter also left the faith as we talked and discussed. Of course, the usual story – we lost most of our friends and my siblings and parents for the most part don’t accept that we left because of reason (we are under Satan’s power of deception). Anyway, best decision we ever made, and we are loving life, much to the consternation of Christians who expected we would be miserable and suicidal. Ha ha.

Part of my ‘therapy’ has been putting down in writing, things that are irrational in Christianity.

And a bit later:

I am interested in helping Christians see the flaws in their belief system, and in breaking through the mind games which keep them bound.

The piece that Loftus includes next is a great read, and you should go read it here. I want to paste a couple snippets below to whet your appetite, as it completely reflects my point of view often.

As if something you and I could have written ourselves, Green starts off with:

Christianity’s God wants to send people to hell. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

When it’s all said and done, if there is a Hell, and people are deep-frying in it, it is because God wanted it that way. If there is a sovereign, all-powerful ruler of the universe, then of course, he gets his way.

After all, according to Christianity, Hell was God’s invention – his workmanship.

He decides who goes there and why.

It is by his decree that Hell is an eternal fiery torture chamber. Compared to God, Hitler was minor league!

Green’s got some great nuances to this argument that we nonbelievers latch on to a lot. Here’s more:

Non-believers recognize superstition and manipulation when they see it.

Hell doesn’t scare them, but the fact that millions of people still believe in Hell might.