Bob Edwards interviews Me’Shell Ndegeocello


Remember Me’Shell Ndegeocello the woman from that John Mellencamp video for “Wild Night”?

Bob Edwards interviewed her on NPR this morning. She’s a really cool woman and artist.

One thing that stood out was a comment she made when asked about her “beliefs.”

She said, “I’m an atheist who is influenced by Islam.”

I thought that was odd, but needed posting. I have no idea what the influenced by Islam thing means, though. I kind of missed what she was saying in context.


One thought on “Bob Edwards interviews Me’Shell Ndegeocello

  1. My feeling (and I have not listened to the interview) is that she is talking about her path to atheism.
    Just as you and I came to atheism by setting aside our cultural religious zeitgeist (Christianity), her path to atheism is by setting aside Islam.
    There is no doubt that our atheism is borne out of a rejection of our cultural construct of God. Atheism without some concept of God to investigate and reject is merely ignorance-regardless of whether or not God exists.

    Does this mean that we can’t have a culturally-atheist atheist? No. But it does mean that at present it would be near impossible to find someone who definitionally fits that description since there is no culture that treats all religion as historical mythology.

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