Despite being virtually landlocked, Pennsylvania manages to float out to the Seas of Insanity

Lot and his Daughters (1616 painting by Hendri...

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The story of Pennsylvania collectively signing off on Insanity by declaring 2012 the “Year of the Bible” has been circulating.

Here’s one commentary that uses lots of Founding Father quotes to make a case against the “Year of the Bible” resolution.

I thought the story of Lot’s daughters getting him drunk and fucking him was enough to get “The Year of the Bible” passed ASAP.

I mean, gosh, I heard there were some backasswards Pennsylvanians who wanted to sleep with their parents, but to take it this far. Seriously?

I don’t want to see the results, but I hope someone is there with a camera when those pregnant women who don’t comply with the Year of the Bible are taken out and ripped open by swords.

Or maybe they’ll take all the non-believers and help them get to hell early. That’ll be soooooooooo cool.

Jesus will surely bring his sword along for the festivities!

Have fun rocking out on the Seas of Insanity, Pennsylvania!

Send us a postcard or tap out a message in morse code. It’ll feel so Biblical, because nobody does that anymore either.

Thanks, Bill!


3 thoughts on “Despite being virtually landlocked, Pennsylvania manages to float out to the Seas of Insanity

  1. Not that it really makes much difference — one biblical myth makes about as much sense as any other — but wasn’t it Noah’s daughters who supposedly got him drunk and had sex with Noah after the flood?

  2. Noah is mainly noted for his sons who were married at the time of the ark. Of course, Noah was in his 500s. Which makes his sons around that old too.

    This idea makes the story of Noah and his sons EVEN crazier. As they were responsible for repopulating the earth when they were done rocking around for however long.

    My wife and I are in our late 30s and we are as infertile as rocks with libidos the size of Ron Jeremy’s.

    Lot’s daughters are notorious for their sexy-time manipulation with their father after God destroyed S&G. Their mother and all their old boyfriends were dead. They were bored, and dad was the only warm-blooded mammal with a penis and sperm to get them prego.

    The great thing was they had enough salt to flavor their food from their mother’s body to last the rest of their lives.

    1. Oh yeah, Noah’s sons were responsible for the different races. Ham … being the one who started the black race.

      It’s complete bullshit, but you know, makes for believable myths in the age of say, “The INTERNET!”

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