Pope Mohammed and “The Pitch”

“Context is everything” says Pope Mohammed, setting up his wobbly swap meet table in the courtyard of a large suburban mall.

You try to feign attention while a few twenty-something girls stroll by.

“Context is everything” he repeats, trying fruitlessly to brush the wrinkles out of the worn but elegant tablecloth he has just draped over the table. “It used to to be easy- back when they let us set up shop in the schools.”  Pope Mohammed is laying out copies of “The Book” spread out in neat fans as though each copy is a unique volume.

“Context turns words into thoughts” he continues, “and if you’re not in the market for control, then you’ll never bother to listen to my message.”

Your head turns, slowly following a pack of teenagers leaving the food court.

“We’re not here for them” says Pope Mohammed, “they have their own.” He draws your attention to the young family leaving The Bombay Trading Company.  “There is an example of people looking for something.  Some feel they have lost it while others naturally crave it.  Those are my customers. Gollah speaks to those who want to be told.”

You stare past him disapprovingly.

“It’s right here in The Book, page 62, chapter 4…..verse 19. Look it up”

You pick up a copy of The Book, careful not to disrupt the layout on the table. Page 62:

19You can’t catch every fish in the sea; so cast your line wisely

20It’s not how deep you drop your line, but how you present the bait.

You look at Pope Mohammed, dumbfounded.

He smiles at you, curling his mustache. “The Truth is there,” he says “and context is everything.”

It’s Wednesdog!

This Wednesdog is brought to you by Khoal, a Shar pei puppy that was newly adopted by my good friend Nich.  Khoal likes pooping, peeing on the floor, sleeping, and licking his privates.

Nich hopes that Khoal can learn to avoid at least one of these behaviors.

Everyone say hello to Khoal.