Totally Missed This: Happy Honey Badger Day

I’m a week or so late, but the badger doesn’t give a shit.

Via Facebook


Just in case you missed my last warning, someone needs to send me a picture of their cat.  If I don’t get this by Friday evening, Caturday will be pictures of LOL Kittehs.  Unless…...that is exactly what you want?

Let me know if you can help.

3 thoughts on “Totally Missed This: Happy Honey Badger Day

  1. Funny, but it would be a lot funnier if it made reference to actual honey badger attitude. I.e.

    “There will certainly be 51more weeks of biting the toes off elephants”

    1. I totally lost my whole afternoon yesterday. Then, right when I was searching lolcats, Whitney Houston died. This prompted my wife to frantically commandeer my computer to check TMZ, Perez Hilton, and several other internet rags.
      Forty internet lashes for me!
      I’ll make it up to you.

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