Church Organizations: We Don’t Want To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy

President Obama and the Democrats put forward a provision in the 2010 Healthcare Law– presumably this was done in 2010, you know, a full year or more ago-that would force all insurance companies to offer at least basic birth control under their healthcare plans.  This, to me, seems perfectly reasonable, yet Republicans and religious groups are up in arms because some of the employers who co-sponsor these benefits are Catholic Universities, Hospitals, and other institutions under the Diocese-as well as various other religious groups that hold on to the ridiculous belief that practicing birth control is an immoral act.

The healthcare law currently makes exemptions for churches, diocese, and other religious organizations that do not serve the wider public.  What it doesn’t do is exempt religious organizations that offer services outside of the church proper.

The argument is that a Catholic hospital, for example, should not be required to contribute to an insurance plan that affords benefits for services that contradict the conscience of the corporation. Other writers have done a better job than I ever could at pointing out the flaw in this reasoning, so I will point you to two of the better articles I have read on the subject- here and here.

What I want to ask is not whether religious organizations have a right to decide what services their employees have access to as part of a comprehensive national healthcare plan (Hint: they don’t.). What I do want to ask is whether or not they see the fantastic irony of being on the front line of the battle to end abortion while fighting against one of the most effective ways to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. Continue reading “Church Organizations: We Don’t Want To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy”