Pope Mohammed and the Roadtrip

“Man thinks he knows better than Gollah” says Pope Mohammed.  He is driving his ’68 Bel-Air a buck twenty- you feel yourself getting more nauseous by the second.

He has invited you as his guest to the “Twelfth Annual Creation Conference” in Akron.  You would have said no, but curiosity and promises of a free buffet made you adjust your weekend plans.  You look back on this decision with regret- Pope Mohammed has been driving on empty for a good half hour now.

“There is an old Jewish saying” says Pope Mohammed as he speeds past another Interstate gas station, “that a man shouldn’t curse human conquest with a mouth full of latkes.”

You breathe with relief when Pope Mohammed finally veers into a neon lit truck stop.  “I’m not sure what that means exactly” he says, pulling up to an empty pump “but it’s getting close to lunch and I’m starving.”

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