Oh bollocks, I’m at the international airport in Bali … I’m going to post something

Tina and I are sitting at the airport waiting to board our 2 a.m. flight to Korea.

Holy shit, we’re going to be traveling for a long time. Door to door, we’re staring at a ugly face of an over 30  hour trip.

We’ve had a long day. We took a tour to a volcano this morning. On the way we stopped at a coffee plantation and a temple. You really should have been there. These were some of the most glorious experiences of our trip.

Two days ago, we were at a monkey sanctuary. If Tina wore diapers, she would have filled six or seven of them. She was losing her shit left and right.

These monkeys were amazing. They were so people like. Imagine that. It was validation for evolution left and right. The monkeys acted like people. They were protective. Manipulative. Daring.

The old males sat around and scratched their balls. Or they chased the young female monkeys.

One monkey jumped on my back at one point. We were told that if they approached you, to shoo them away. But this little guy stayed on my back and would’t go away. Here’s uncut video footage of that little experience. Some of you have already seen it.

Holy crap, I have so many stories. There’s not an ounce of Jesus in this country, and yet they are doing just fine. Imagine that.

Some of the kindest people on earth live here. And I’m not just talking about the service industry workers.

We have so many photos. And the thing is, I’ve shared very little. I didn’t want to overwhelm people. And I didn’t want to spend too much time going through photos when I was in a paradisiacal place such as Bali.

Anyway, thanks to George W for fucking rocking it these last two weeks. Hits have been through the roof while I was gone. Let’s give a rousingly warm applause to ol’ Dubya.

Maybe I should donate the blog to him. Maybe not.

The way I see it, George has another 30 or more hours to keep this train running. I’ll get you guys a sweet-ass update when I land in Chicago sometime in the next 48 hours.


Why We Believe In Gods

This is a long video, I know.  I’m only expecting one of you to sit through the entire 45 minutes.  That person is you.  Yes, I mean you.

Dr. Andy Thomson gave this talk balk in 2009 at the American Atheist Convention.  He is an engaging speaker, at least by comparison to lectures I have sat through in the past, and the subject is one that fascinates me no end.

The funny thing that occurs to me as I watch this video is how much of this I have already figured out.  The common sense conclusion that religion is the offspring of imparting the evolutionary advantageous concepts of intention and agency to our larger existence is something that I have often thought about myself.  To know that this hypothesis is increasingly being vindicated by real science is fascinating and exciting.  That there are more pieces to the puzzle than I ever imagined is both intriguing and unsurprising.   Watch this video.

Best line (that I’m sure he borrowed):

We are, and we now know- risen apes and not fallen angels.

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