Wood penises for sale! Carved women sitting on dildos for sale! Just another day in Bali

When you live in America, or many first world countries, the ubiquity of American corporate presence becomes almost comforting.

You can be almost anywhere in the world and find a McDonald’s, KFC and a Dunkin Donuts. Or a Starbucks. Whatever.

It’s NUTS!

But in Bali, the ubiquity of those comforts was slimmer. We passed a McDonald’s, DD and KFC in the main city of Denpasar, but they weren’t anywhere else that I saw. And if we stayed there longer, I would have eaten at McD’s just to check out the differences.

The things that are everywhere are markets loaded with tourist goods, and some bads, if you know what I mean. Above is an image that we saw everywhere, carved wooden penises (with legs!) and women riding high on erect wooden dingdongs.

If you open click that image to, erhm, enlarge, you can see that they added pubic hair, too.

Amazing attention to detail, yeah!

The first day we were in Bali, we were waiting on our luggage, which arrived about 24 hours later. The airline gave us $100 to buy clothing. We walked to a tourist-heavy area called Kuta, where those huge bombings took place in 2002 and 2004.

We walked into a local shop where I bought some extremely overpriced shorts and a t-shirt. The woman helping me apparently didn’t care to understand the English written on her shirt. She kept offering me Ts with things like, “Two in the Pink, One in the Stink” or “I love Big Fat Pussy” written on them.

I. am. not. kidding.

Could you imagine? Me, walking with Tina, down the streets of Bali arm around her shoulders with either of those two shirts on?


Anyway, just thought you’d get a naughty kick out of the locals view of sex.

10 thoughts on “Wood penises for sale! Carved women sitting on dildos for sale! Just another day in Bali

    1. Just imagine it … you’re in front of everyone … opening presents for your wedding … and the one from Jeremy and Tina is a T-shirt …

      1. Hey, we’re going to New Orleans for our honeymoon. I have a feeling that kind of t-shirt would offend no one down there! 😉

  1. I had thought about it but the last time anything even remotely phallic was displayed on my blog I got a severe telling off from Google as my blog is listed as having safe content. 🙂

      1. I’ve just woken up and am trying to understand your comment. Haven’t yet put on my glasses and I’m looking at it through one eye….a bit like a penis.

      2. You have no embodied the penis.

        Consider yourself … complete.

        (I’m not sure I understand my comment).

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