Were there toddlers fighting in WWI?

I saw this posted over at Facebook. It’s a bike that has been somehow engulfed into the side of a growing tree.

I did some quick google searches, and there’s vast discussion about it being a fake, but nobody, that I can tell, talks about the idea that a “boy” with a toddler-sized bike, locked his wheels up to the side of a tree in 1914 (America didn’t fire their first shot until October 1917, by the way), went off to war, and the U.S. forces didn’t send him home for being a goddamn “boy.”

The top of this should read, “Lest we forget” what year we went to war.

38 thoughts on “Were there toddlers fighting in WWI?

  1. For what it’s worth, tree trunks only grow in width, not height. A bicycle chained to the tree would not change height, unless the ground around the tree eroded. The lack of exposed roots blows that possibility. So it is definitely a fake, done by a non-botanist. Too bad, it looks really neat!

    1. your not 100% correct bc the bike in a tree is real although its not there bc a boy went to war and as the tree grows it would push the chain outwards and sense physics works with everything then the chain would natural want to go where there was less resistance aka where the tree is thinner. so technically the bike could rise due to physics rather then the tree growing upwards kinda like how if u put a rubber band on a cone the rubber band will roll upwards the reason the bike didn’t go as far as a rubber band on a cone would is bc the chain isn’t elastic so it would only be able to go so far

    1. No one said the bike was photoshopped.

      The trees around this tree all appear to make this tree look small thereby making our tree medium. The bike is indicative of a tricycle size, early 20th century bike.

      And I realize “boy” is common speak for troops, but it looks like a boy’s bike, not a young man.

      What is your problem?

  2. And where exactly are you getting your toddler size measurements? I personally can not tell how big it is but a 100 yr old tree is pretty big so it may just be making homemade, 1914 bicycle appear small.

  3. Boys as young as 12 have been recorded holding rifles and FIGHTING in WW1. You also need to remember that height has dramatically increased over the past decades. Still, it is most likely a hoax.

    1. Holding rifles, maybe. But fighting?

      I looked this up — albeit not much — and there are indications of young German soldiers. But Americans? Seems there would be a good record of a 12-year-old getting on a ship for Europe.

      Do you have a citation or reference?

      Otherwise, I completely agree with your response. Thank you.

    2. I call BS on that. My relative ran away from home in 1917 at age 14 and joined the navy. He didn’t fool anybody. He was discharged within a matter of weeks for being under age. If we were talking about any time up through the Spanish-American War I could agree with you. But it is seriously unlikely that a 12 year old saw combat in WW1.

      Oh, and BTW, the bike is an early to mid 1950s 20″ training wheel bike from Wards or Western Auto. So, unless said toddler was Stewie Griffin and had his time machine working…

  4. Boys were recruited in 1914… AND that is not a toddlers bike.. c’mon toddlers can barely walk and if they ride anything it’s a tricycle! AND trees do grow around metal objects, fencing, fence posts, chains.. so why not a bike! I do not believe this is a hoax… Get your facts straight!

    1. You’re ridiculous.

      First, I was riding a two wheeler by age 4.

      Second, the bike in the tree is for young people. Your link doesn’t say kids were fighting in WWI.

      Regardless, it’s a shameful meme and to believe it means you think there are two Ls in gullible.

      1. Whatever! Toddlers are aged 1-3 years old. And I have seen objects grown in trees.. chains, fences, etc. And I lived for 20 years in the Pacific NW and the fir trees grow very fast there.

        I wasn’t born yesterday and seen and experienced lot. And this could be a true story!

        I feel sorry for the family that you are bashing this memorial to their family member.

        And if it is a hoax, so be it. It’s a nice way to remember WW1 vets. What is it hurting anyone? Why bash it? It’s a positive thing, not a negative!

      2. You’re so cute when you’re sassy.

        Feel free to be wrong … way wrong, whenever you feel comfortable letting go.

      3. That’s all you have to say about it? You have NO facts to back up that this is a hoax.
        When you come up with the facts then I will believe you.
        Just by saying I’m wrong doesn’t make me wrong.

        FACTS! Jack!

        You have a right to your OPINION, even if you may be WRONG!

      4. Wait, I was waiting for you to bring facts.

        The onus of proof is on your dumbass.

        Keep it coming. You’re a real champion.

      5. What’s hilarious is you’re trying to defend a photo of a bike “grown” into a tree that somebody attached a story to without citation.

        You believe it to be true without a shred of evidence besides what’s written in black.

        Take a look in the mirror and draw your own L on your forehead.

  5. Wow! I see you are a highly intelligent person.. name-calling shows your intelligence…

    I will not allow someone to name-call me.

    That is where I will set a boundary and say good-bye.

    I have more class than that, calling someone I don’t even know a dumb ass and loser? wow!

    Get some mental help, dude, for your lack of self-esteem.

    I don’t go around bashing memorials and hurting people.

    Have a nice life!

    Good -bye!

  6. I hardly got started on dim-bulbed Kathy. I can’t believe she’s already gone.

    I shall weep her memory.

    Name calling? I’m pretty sure that was an attack.

    To Kathy’s defense, mental health is important and we should all support each other’s efforts to seek professional help. I strongly support my own efforts as well as Kathy’s need for it as well.

    Toot toot.

  7. What most folks overlook in the photo is the fact that the bike is a late 1960’s, early 1970’s Schwinn Pixie. Gets tiresome when folks try to take advantage of sentiments for veterans.

  8. There are plenty of photos of the tragedies of war without having to fabricate one. As a veteran, I prefer the truth and don’t appreciate people making a profit from tragedy.

  9. Bruce, I agree with you about the truth. As for Kathy and Jeremy, she didn’t bring facts and Jeremy didn’t call her names. He said, “The onus of proof is on your dumbass.” That is not calling her a name, but rather implying that she’s not using the brain she was born with. I will say this, most people probably can’t distinguish between bicycles, but a simple internet search will bring up the snopes link Jeremy posted above. All it takes is a willingness to do a little fact checking.

    1. OhMyGosh. According to you, dumbass is not an offensive name? I’m glad I don’t associate with you because we were not raised that way and we don’t use derogatory words about one another in our household. It is rude.

      1. And happily displaying base-level ignorance is promoted in your home?

        A little comprehension of the world, how the Internet works and a keen sense of intellect could have saved you from the embarrassment of your original comment.

        You’re stuck on the words that were directed at you, which is what most people are taught to be offended by. And they in turn teach others.

        But even little old dumbass me could figure out the bike in the tree and its lack of legitimacy. Surely anyone could’ve.

        Thanks for commenting again. I had to pinch myself when I saw you returned.

      2. hahaha! whatever! This is hilarious! I don’t have time for your little comments… If calling your self a name is your thing then so be it.. I really have more important things to do than argue about a bike.. a tree.. and a persons’s intellect… I don’t live in this world and want no part of it. When one lives on a higher Spiritual plane, the things of the world are not even important! Have a wonderful life! YHWH Bless!

      3. I really have more important things to do than post that I have more important things to do than to argue about a…..

        Waaaaaiiiit a minute…

      4. I’m quite sure Kathy’s not smart enough to catch the irony, as she returned to explain that we’ve been “spammed.”

        Oh no!

  10. if these people aren’t making money from this, I don’t see a problem! who cares if its real or not! but I can tell you some of the “facts I am seeing here really need help, for example: the trunk does not grow upward only outward. I have seen to many trees grown around cans, which are now 4 and 5 feet off the ground to believe that! oh and the fact that if you find evidence on google that supports what you believe then it is a “fact”! just do your search as if your trying to prove yourself wrong and you will just the same as when your proving yourself right! only real morons believe that the internet is filled with only facts, and that tv is filled with nothing but fallacies. both are filled with equal amounts of both facts and lies. I just don’t see any point in arguing the validity of this photo, because in the long run arguing just make us look stupid. Oh and by the way, just because it said so in your 3rd grade science book doesn’t make it a fact anymore than google does! what we knew for fact yesterday our kids will prove false tomorrow. why argue facts when so few facts exist? why argue ingrown bicycles? because our lives are so pathetic we have to! THIS IS NOT AIMED AT ANYONE! AND IF IT IS, IT IS ALSO AIMED AT MYSELF! Have a good time of it though if you must .

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