Karen Santorum: I may disprove god’s existence with this quote.

“I personally think this is God’s will. I think He has us on a path, and I do think there’s a lot more happening than what we’re seeing. Personally I mean I think Rick’s a great guy, and he’s really smart and everything. But I think a lot more is happening than what we can actually see.”

 Karen Santorum told Glenn Beck as she and her husband sat for an interview on his Web-based show, GBTV.


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Taco Bell voice: Here lizard, lizard, lizard …

Here’s a shot of a “lizard” that we saw everywhere in Bali. One was in the pool near me, and I chased it. Later, I asked about the little guy, and the pool staff told me it was a lizard.

I thought it was some kind of iguana.

I have found that identifying plants and animals on this blog is not my specialty. But it is Steve P’s.

So I’m posting this so that Steve can do his magical mystery search and find. And I know he loves it.

Or, maybe you want to give it a whirl.

If it’s a super easily identifiable beast, like a household cat, humor me and tell me the latin species name so I can sleep well tonight.

The stupid, it burns … and embarrasses

First it was the birthers, now we can’t have a “mulatto” president.

Check this out:

Tuesday, Gordon Warren Epperly filed a lawsuit in Alaska challenging President Obama’s inclusion on the 2012 presidential ballot. What’s Epperly’s beef? Apparently, he feels Negroes and mulattoes can’t be president because they aren’t really citizens.

His lawsuit states:

Barack Hussein Obama II, a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama, a.ka. Barack H. Obama has the race status of being a “mulatto.” Barack Obama’s father (Barack Hussein Obama I) was a full blood Negro being born Nyang’oma Kogelo, Nyanza Province, Kenya and raised in the Colony of Kenya. Barack Obama’s mother (Stanley Ann Dunham) was a white Caucasian woman being born in Wichita, Kansas on November 29, 1942 and raised in the state of Washington and in the state of Hawaii.

The petition concludes:

As stated above, for an Individual to be a candidate for the office of president of the United States, the candidate must meet the qualifications set forth in the United States Constitution and one of those qualifications is that the Candidate shall be a “natural born citizen” of the United States. As Barack Hussein Obama II is of the “mulatto” race, his status of citizenship is founded upon the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Before the [purported] ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment, the race of “Negro” or “mulatto” had no standing to be citizens of the United States under the United States Constitution.

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Let’s meet for coffee at Streetbucks

Just for fun, I wanted to post this shot of a coffee shop on the Jalan Raya, Tanah Lot, Bali.

There was a clearly ripped off logo for Streetbuck’s Coffee, where you could buy such drinks as an Ice Cappucino [sic], an Ice Mocha Blash (what’s a blash?) and a Hot Strawberry.

I don’t know about you, but a Hot Strawberry sounds fairly unappetizing.

Hey Tina, we need to go back and taste a hot strawberry drink so we can report on it on the blog. 

Twiddle diddles you twiddle poop, I’ll apple cart your buttocking shop!

Are you offended?

You should be. The headline is from a re-print of 1811’s Francis Grose’s Dictionary in the Vulgar Tongue.

Roughly translated it means, “Scrotum, you effeminate man, I’ll knock over your brothel!”

Of course you should have known that.

Amazing how the vulgarities of yesterday are the funny words of today. What will be the “fuck” of tomorrow?

One interesting one was: “Ankle: A girl who is got with child, is said to have sprained her ankle.”

Modern language stuck a C in front of ankle, made cankle, and use the word for any girl with bloated joints between tibia/fibula and cuboid/navicular and talus.

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