Let’s meet for coffee at Streetbucks

Just for fun, I wanted to post this shot of a coffee shop on the Jalan Raya, Tanah Lot, Bali.

There was a clearly ripped off logo for Streetbuck’s Coffee, where you could buy such drinks as an Ice Cappucino [sic], an Ice Mocha Blash (what’s a blash?) and a Hot Strawberry.

I don’t know about you, but a Hot Strawberry sounds fairly unappetizing.

Hey Tina, we need to go back and taste a hot strawberry drink so we can report on it on the blog. 

4 thoughts on “Let’s meet for coffee at Streetbucks

  1. Yeah, I noticed that too.

    That logo looks like a Mashup of Starbucks and Twiggs, a local coffee shop in my town. Weird.

    There is lots of innuendo in that signage. “Bagus”, really?

  2. I wanna late coffee!

    There were a lot of these sorts of Engrish examples.

    Sometimes they make no bones about it.

    Taxis were sometimes spelled, “Taksies”

    In South Asia accents, it’s difficult to pronounce Ps. So often, there are products called, “Kopi” for coffee.

    When I was in the Philippines, fellow filipinos would say, “It’s coppee time!”

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