Sleepy Balinese man

Moving through some of the images from the trip, I found this little gem of a man sleeping in a little Balinese style cabana.

Thought you’d like to see it.

The below image is an odd one, too. I caught this kid’s eye right as he was coming down with his little coconut machete knife. A little to the left, and the guy would be one thumb short of a pair.

Notice the little, non-sexual-in-any-way spurt that’s squirting from the coconut ball.

Santorum: Obama “A Snob” For Wanting Everyone To Go To College

Santorum called Obama a “snob” because he said he wants everyone to go to college. Santorum says that a college education means that students will become indoctrinated by liberal professors.

As if the first 18 years of a kid’s life isn’t enough time for parents and churches to take ahold of a brain.

And what happened to yours truly, who went to a conservative Presbyterian college … and turned out liberal?

It’s not Santorum I’m worried about here, either. It’s the audience who is clapping for such insanity.

Santorum’s opening his mouth, we should clap!

Imagine that: education = a bad thing.

Don’t get smart, ya’ll, that’ll lead to godless hedonism. Stay all dumb and shit so you can raise your stupid kids right.

It’s more like Santorum doesn’t want an educated constituency. Allah forbid any of them knew how to think for themselves.




It’s Caturday!

This fine Caturday is brought to you by all the skinny cats with nubby tails that we saw while in Indonesia.

We saw plenty. I didn’t always get clear shots of them, and this one isn’t great.

But I figured this would be my final attempt to use the Bali cats as a Caturday.

We’ll attempt an American Caturday next week. In the very least, a North American one.


When in doubt, go with the ol’ “Switcharoo”!

Vancouver photographer Hana Pesut wants you to be a cross dresser … at least for a few minutes.

Hana started a project called “Switcharoo”, where she takes two people, photographs them. Then she has those two people change clothes and positions, and shoots them again.

The images are fascinating, and sometimes hilarious.

Check out more here.

Thanks, Tina!

Glenn Beck logic: 95% believe therefore you shouldn’t criticize Santorum or Satan

Over at Facebook, a “friend” liked a Glenn Beck article called, “OMG! Rick Santorum is Religious!?

Curiosity encouraged me to click on it to read for myself. I’m not going to spend much time on this, as we all know that Beck is an easy target.

In a nutshell, Beck lambasts anyone who would criticize Santorum for his religious views or for saying that “Satan has targeted America” back in 2008.

Beck says that in a country with 95% of the population believing in a higher power, how could anyone criticize Santorum?

  • Firstly, when did the number go up from around 80% belief to 95%?
  • Secondly, if you place yourself in a spotlight, you are subject to praise and criticism. Questioning that is a waste of time.
  • Thirdly, if you expect everyone to believe in an invisible being who is supposedly responsible for all of the world’s woes — and for burying fossils to confuse science and Young Earth Creationists — you deserve criticism. If you are a presidential candidate who thinks an invisible being exists without any proof whatsoever, you deserve utmost criticism.

Satan, the evil being that God allows to exist so that he’s not accused of tyranny or un-just-ness. Satan, the guy who is responsible for you lusting sexually over your neighbor’s body. Satan, the guy who is responsible for cancer, disease, turmoil and tribulation.

He’s invisible and 95% of the American population knows he exists.

And he has targeted America and all free people.

With his invisible target devices.

What part of this am I not supposed to criticize?