Bert and Ernie are about to take your childhood and dash it all over the rocks

Remember when you were little and your cute little imagination gave your action figures, dolls, My Little Ponies, or whatever, voices.

I mean, those of us who didn’t get a Teddy Ruxpin anyway.

Check out the new augmented reality toys that Qualcomm is going to release soon that will render your childhood imagination a bit of an antique.

Seriously, though, this toy has nothing on Socrates, who predicted (probably the wrong word) that writing would encourage forgetfulness.

According to this post at TYWKIWDBI, Socrates wrote:

[Writing] will introduce forgetfulness into the soul of those who learn it: they will not practice using their memory because they will put their trust in writing, which is external and depends on signs that belong to others, instead of trying to remember from the inside, completely on their own. You have not discovered a potion for remembering, but for reminding; you provide your students with the appearance of wisdom, not with its reality. Your invention will enable them to hear many things without being properly taught, and they will imagine that they have come to know much while for the most part they will know nothing. And they will be difficult to get along with, since they will merely appear to be wise instead of really being so.”

Video via The Daily What

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