Oh no, WordPress, that fresh press is a bit offensive!

#wordpress @wordpress

Check out the above screen capture from WordPress.com’s Freshly Pressed page.

See anything that stands out (note: see bright red circle with arrow).

It appears that plus-sized actress Octavia Spencer appears in a photo above the words, “Oscars 2012 – Winners” and below that it reads, “The Happiest Cow.”

Now, a smart person might think that the blog that posted about the Oscars is called, “The Happiest Cow.”

But a silly, juvenile reader might see that and think someone is calling a slightly overweight (but way freaking cute) Oscar Winner, The Happiest Cow.

And it’s for this reason I submit this post. Respectfully. Humorously.

And with the greatest of intentions.

(This post should secure Cafe Witteveen as the only blog to NEVER, EVER get a Freshly Pressed billing).



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