Happy Leap Year!

Any of you readers a Leap Year baby?

Do you know anyone who is?

My memories of Leap Year growing up were largely affected by a field trip to Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill, NC. I was in elementary school, and I remember being fascinated by the experience of laying back in our seats and looking up at the stars they projected onto that big dome ceiling.

I must have had a few dollars to buy a souvenir with me, because I bought a little metal calendar in the gift shop. There were two pieces to the calendar that rotated, and depending on where you placed the dial, you could have all the days, including a leap year, for whatever year you pointed it at.

The leap year thing intrigued me, and having a remedial understanding about something as fascinating (to me) as Leap Year seemed to do a doozie in my little noggin.

And, just to be a jerk and throw a dig in toward “Intelligent” Design, wouldn’t an intelligence create a perfect system of Earth rotating around the sun? Seriously. How adding one 24-hour period to the equation actually makes up for the difference is beyond me. Surely it’s not just 24-hours off.

I can’t say that I would be awe-struck if 365 days were a perfect, unchangeable effort. I’d be impressed though. Especially if that number were biblical and perfect.

Just sayin’.

Have a great Leap Day. If you need my address to send my leap year gifts, I don’t mind giving it out again.


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