Humpday Nooner: Gimme a mouth full of Nasi Goreng

If you ever find yourself with a Balinese menu in your hands, or a Balinese section at an Asian restaurant, I strongly recommend ordering Nasi Goreng, which is a Indonesian fried rice. Make sure to order it with an egg or two on the side, too.

The eggs seal the deal.

There’s also a noodle version of the dish, called Mei Goreng, which is equally great.

I had Nasi Goreng three times for breakfast during our nine days in paradise. It was so gee to the dee good.

We found two Balinese restaurants in Chicago that we’re going to try soon.

The above shot was from the most expensive hotel/villa we stayed in, which is why the presentation is about as classy as if my name were Bill Gates or Newt Gingrich or something.


3 thoughts on “Humpday Nooner: Gimme a mouth full of Nasi Goreng

    1. That’s funny. We were just talking about that while looking over the wiki.

      My brother *loves* Nasi Goreng, which is probably a callback to his Dutch roots.

      1. Did you try a Tjendol while you were there ?? If not you must if you go to those Balinese restaurants….

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