Happy Leap Year!

Any of you readers a Leap Year baby?

Do you know anyone who is?

My memories of Leap Year growing up were largely affected by a field trip to Morehead Planetarium in Chapel Hill, NC. I was in elementary school, and I remember being fascinated by the experience of laying back in our seats and looking up at the stars they projected onto that big dome ceiling.

I must have had a few dollars to buy a souvenir with me, because I bought a little metal calendar in the gift shop. There were two pieces to the calendar that rotated, and depending on where you placed the dial, you could have all the days, including a leap year, for whatever year you pointed it at.

The leap year thing intrigued me, and having a remedial understanding about something as fascinating (to me) as Leap Year seemed to do a doozie in my little noggin.

And, just to be a jerk and throw a dig in toward “Intelligent” Design, wouldn’t an intelligence create a perfect system of Earth rotating around the sun? Seriously. How adding one 24-hour period to the equation actually makes up for the difference is beyond me. Surely it’s not just 24-hours off.

I can’t say that I would be awe-struck if 365 days were a perfect, unchangeable effort. I’d be impressed though. Especially if that number were biblical and perfect.

Just sayin’.

Have a great Leap Day. If you need my address to send my leap year gifts, I don’t mind giving it out again.



It’s Wednesdog!

This very special Wednesdog is brought to you by the magical dogs of (wouldn’t you know it) Ubud, Bali. There’s one thing for sure, the Balinese seemed to love their pets. There were pet shops for dog and cat food everywhere. That’s something I’ve never noticed in any other third world country.

The dogs in Ubud intrigued Tina and I.

Imagine a busy, narrow, two-lane road. Add to that road a ton of pedestrian foot traffic, a slew of cars, buses, and motor scooters. Kind of like this scene here (but often worse):

There’s really not enough room for foot traffic. And then imagine there are small packs of dogs, wandering up and down the street.

But they never get hit by cars or scooters.


Because they’re … magical!

On Valentine’s day, Tina and I sat at dinner watching a pack of dogs walk up and down the dark street. They were able to avoid traffic and politely let themselves pass people up and down the road. They were protective of each other in a way that I’ve never seen before. Sometimes one seemed to stop and make sure there was enough room between a moving car and the pack. Other times, one would look for traffic while the rest followed lead.

It was something to see.

Here’s a bad shot of a couple canines here.

And just to get the dogs of Bali out of my system, there was the case of the below puppy. He was so mad at me for descending onto his family’s property. He barked and barked at me.

One more note about foot traffic in Bali — because they drive on the opposite side of the road as we do — when you’re walking down the street and someone is walking toward you, they also expect to pass you on the opposite side that you’re used to. But, I found that passing a tourist, it could go either way. If I passed a local, I made an effort to go left. But if they were white, I tended to wait for them to decide. Aussies drive on the same side of the road, but other Europeans don’t.

Just thought I would throw that in.


See you next Tuesday Nooner: Democrats for Santorum

About the video:

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Democrats: Vote Santorum. For now. Really enjoy it.

To any who oppose such tactics on moral grounds, one might ask if they’re part of the same group of people who oft bemoan the passive, compromise-y tactics of the current administration. Be the change you’ve been waiting for, and so forth.

To those who say Santorum is an actual threat in national polls because Rasmussen has him up by three amongst left-handed seniors or whatever: whatever. Careful observers will note that in a field of candidates this jaw-droppingly lame, everybody gets a taste of sweet sweet candy–if only for a moment. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/10/26/herman-cain-2012-primary-polls_n_103…