Check it out! The Humanist magazine features Quiet Company

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Sweet, cherry pie!

The Humanist magazine featured an article about Quiet Company and their new album, “We Are All Where We Belong.”

I was surprised that so many of my blogger colleagues ignored this story, but extremely appreciative that Taylor Muse and the rest of the band are getting this level of publicity.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about the album, the Humanist describes the album this way:

On We Are All Where We Belong, Quiet Company integrates a sound reminiscent of both Sufjan Stevens’ album Illinois and The National’s Boxer with the overarching narrative of lead vocalist Taylor Muse’s journey from a conservative Christian upbringing and belief system to a celebration of the power of human potential.

In the article, Taylor talks about his influences ranging from Kurt Vonnegut to Bart Ehrman. There’s this one section that I thought was great talking about topics within the songs:

Love is another thing we sing about a lot. We tend to be pretty romantic, and I write a lot of songs for my wife. But you know, I think the best love stories are often set against the specter of death. And again, it’s humanistic—the sense that this world is all we have, this time is all we have together, so let’s make the most of it. Let’s make our lives worth living as much as possible.

Go check out the article here. Here is my original write up from a few months ago.

And if you missed the most recent video release, here it is again (below).

Thanks, Steve P. for the headsup! 

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