Dawkins and Krauss pompously discuss “Something from Nothing”

This video of biologist Richard Dawkins and theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss discussing the topic of “Something from Nothing” was published while I was out of town.

I’ve been meaning to post it, but haven’t personally had the time to watch it. I’ve got it running in the background today as I’m photo editing.

If I were someone who doubted evolution and physics regarding this topic, I would hope I would watch something like this. The issue is that (especially) Dawkins is demonized and hated by believers. So if you were a believer watching this video, you might find yourself grinding your teeth while watching.

If that’s the case, I hope you can get past that.

I put “pompous” in the header, because (1) I’m snarky and (2) that’s the way it can be construed. However, it’s well worth a watch (or listen).

I find believers who accept evolution admirable. But the great majority of believers — especially in America — don’t accept evolution or the Big Bang. But I have hope.

Whether you accept it or not, I hope you give this video a whirl.


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