Chiditarod: Boozin’ for Hunger. AKA I missed Caturday!

I missed Caturday, yesterday. In my defense, I didn’t have any submissions — that’s blaming you — and I was busy-ish.

Around noon, I drove into town to see if I could get some shots of the Chiditarodwhich is a wacky fundraiser for the food depository. People signup in groups, decorate a cart or dolly, and do a sort of pub crawl, run/walk, scoot, push cart randomly down streets in Chicago thing.

I got a few shots between one of the checkpoints.

One of the groups are friends of mine, and I considered getting a drink with them. But it wasn’t working out, so I drove home.

I showered and jumped back in the car with Tina and Talulah to drive down to the southside to have dinner with friends.

So you can see, I have excuses coming out of my wahzoo.

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