Is it wrong that I want to be this prankster?

This video of a guy pranking cops by pretending to pee in public is, well, hilarious.

I found myself jealous.

I can’t blame the cops for the myriad of responses, but I equally love the way the guy confidently assures them that he wasn’t peeing.

I found this at Cynical C, who also posted this old one from Remi Gaillard that I love:

What do I have to do to make you watch/listen to this?

Holy haunting brilliance of gorgeous love, this is the best song I’ve heard all day.

It’s a damn great video, too.

And if I could force it in front of you and say, “Listen to it and love it too,” I would.

I present it as an offering … should you choose to listen and like it, or hate it, that’s your right as the deity or diva that you are.

The artist is Birdy and the song is called, “Skinny Love,” which I think, but not sure, is a cover.

Oh, and Birdy was born in 1996. That makes her too young to be this great.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson sings the hits

This video called, “The Most Astounding Fact.” Someone asked Neil deGrasse Tyson, “What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?” The recorded answer is set to computer-generated imagery of the cosmos, both universal and somatic.

For the record, I just criticized believers for coupling beautiful imagery with (subjectively) beautiful music and declaring it good on this post’s comments.

Is there a difference when science does the same thing?

I connect with this video with Neil deGrasse Tyson. And there was a time when I would have connected to the “Christian” video with similar goals. Both videos attempt to show grandeur from a standpoint that you may, or may not, favor.

When it comes down to attempting to understand the cosmos through science or worshiping the cosmos through religion, I prefer understanding. And listening to those who are making every effort to figure it out.

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Make sure you get to the part that reads:
Asked how he would go about getting such an amendment approved, given growing public support for gay rights, Santorum inadvertently made a powerful appeal to history in favor of marriage equality.

“Just because public opinion says something doesn’t mean it’s right,” he said. “I’m sure there were times in areas of this country when people said blacks were less than human.”

Kentucky Fried Movie: Astrological Report

I found this video posted over at regular-reader Biodork’s Freethought Blog (FtB). If you haven’t been following Bee to the Dee’s progress over at FtB, what are you waiting for?

I thought of Biodork over the weekend. Some of you might know that Biodork volunteers as an escort at a women’s health facility, that includes services like abortions. Her job is to help women pass from their vehicles to the front door without being completely accosted by protestors who regularly camp out in front of the building.

It’s a shame that such a volunteer is needed in this country, but I — for one — am proud of Biodork for doing it.

On Saturday, I was out looking for photo ops, and I drove past Planned Parenthood (LaSalle and Division) here in Chicago. When Tina and I usually pass there, I open my window and yell at the groups who are picketing out front. “Educate yourself on the facts!” I yell. “Go find another way to love your neighbors!” I scream.

You know, insults.

But Saturday, there was only one dude, with a sign about praying for pro-life. He was reading a book.

If I thought I could get away with stopping in the middle of the road, I would have slammed on my brakes, picked up my camera from the passenger seat and yelled, “Who loves abortions?” When he looked up, I would get his picture.

Oh the shock that would have been on his face! Oh, the joy I would have had on mine! Oh the pictures and the stories for the blog!

Hypotheticals are so boring. 

Next time!

Snapseeded iPhone photos


You know what I say, the best camera is the one in your hand.

When I’m waiting around for Talulah to poop, I spend time taking photos with my phone and editing them with Snapseed. It’s a $5 app that is well worth it, IMHO.

Anyway, here are a couple photos I’ve taken and edited lately.

Both shots were taken using HDR Photo Camera, which I picked up for free, but is now priced at $1.99. I’m not convinced HDR Photo Camera is the best app out there for HDR on your phone, but it’s a pretty damn cool app. At full resolution, there’s a long wait time to process the images. The setting I use takes six shots and fuses them together.

You aren’t supposed to take photos of moving images with HDR, but the train happened to go by when I was aiming at a sunset. HDR takes a series of images at different exposures and puts them all together to make a single, evenly exposed image (in theory).

I liked how the CTA below looks double exposed and then a three-year-old sneezed all over it.


The chances of Jonah surviving the whale … slim to zilch

One of the hardest things to palate if you grew up in the church is that miracles, especially Old Testament ones, are so completely foreign to anything plausible, unless they come out of Hollywood on a piece of film or a digital recording.

When I asked about OT miracles as a kid, the answers were absurd. The most common responses were that miracles still happen and encouraged not to doubt god’s greatness.

One of my other favorite responses: “You’ll have to ask God when you get to heaven.”

Oh, the sound of deflated balloons

There’s an article in Salon called, “Swallowed by a Whale – a true tale?” by Ben Shattuck that sheds some light on the possibility that the Jonah myth was real or not.

As if we needed an article in Salon to settle it once and for all.

Here’s the opening paragraph:

An idea’s been floating around for some time that whales more than chewed people — that they swallowed them, and people might have survived in the stomach. Jonah’s story came first, and then there were rumors from the 19th century Yankee Whale Fishery — whaling ships leaving New York and New England ports for years on the open ocean. I’d like to believe in swallowings, but it’s tough. There is no air in the stomach, for one. There are acids. And if we are talking about sperm whales, which we are most of the time, there is the deadly passage through the 30-foot jaws lined with 8-inch teeth.

And later, this:

More terrifying, with sharks in the diet, Americans who might have been swallowed by sperm whales would have had another thing to worry about: sharing the stomach of your predator with yet another predator. To be eaten after being eaten. To be the –en of the turducken.

Read the rest of this article. 

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