Prepping for a secular wedding

Tina and I are prepping for the sweet-ass wedding we’re shooting this weekend in Maryland. Have you heard of it?

Regular-reader Luis V. and his fiancée Becky F. are joining together in matrimonial bliss … only they’re doing it without god, or gods, or Buddhas or Buddhas dressed up as gods.

And little old me and Tina, too, are going to be there with bells on and cameras hooked around our necks.

One sticky point to the whole thing is, I hurt my back earlier in the week.



Don’t tell Luis. Or Becky.

They’re busy entertaining guests right now. Shhhhhh.

What happened, you ask?

Well, I’ll tell you.

I was out with Lu on Monday afternoon. We were having a good ol’ time. I chucked the ball. She brought it back. At one point, I looked at her and asked, “Are you limping?”

She looked at me and said, well, nothing. Talulah doesn’t understand a word I’m saying.

But she looked at me and limped away.

So I said, “Let’s go inside.” And she followed, albeit limping, like she knew what I was saying.

When we got to the stairs, Talulah was just pathetic. It’s three flights to our apartment. So I leaned down to lift her up … with my back — not my knees — and when I tried to stand up, I felt something yank in my lower lumbar that felt worse than when a woman has your scrotum in her mouth and she turns to look at the TV without opening up.

Don’t tell me it’s never happened to you.

Anyway, I thought for sure I would be rocking it by the weekend in time for the wedding. And up until Thursday, I wasn’t rocking anything.

Finally, I bought one of those worker belts that everyone wears at Home Depot. And I also swam at the gym on Thursday, which seemed to be great for the injury.

I feel okay now. And damn if I’m going to let a little back injury stop me from kicking ass this weekend.

But just imagine me, wearing my suit, with a Home Depot back brace and suspenders on. It’s going to be great!

Stay tuned for pictures and stories.

Stories of large fish that I’m going to catch.

(BTW, don’t I look like I’m pooping in the picture above?)

Thanks, Bill for the shot. It’s great!

5 thoughts on “Prepping for a secular wedding

  1. I’m also going to add that the lining of that coat is absolutely gorgeous.

    (I used to sell suits & men’s clothing back in my college days.)

  2. “He’s not allowed to be injured this weekend! Tell Tina to prop his back up with a tripod if need be.” – Becky F.
    Don’t shoot the messenger man!

  3. I don’t know if you have something against drugs, but I suggest you buy Robaxacet- Robax Platinum- if they sell that in the US of A.

    I used to have back problems, and that stuff works like a charm. It also doesn’t make you too “cloudy”- something that happens to me on other meds.

    Good luck, and I’m itching for pictures!!!!

  4. Luis, “Yours is going to be the best wedding photographed on an iPhone and GoPro you’ve ever seen.” – Talulah W.

    Don’t shoot the messenger!

    Honk squeeze honk.

    George, we don’t have no Robaxacets in America. Just a bunch of robots.


    No, my back is much better today.

    Hey, Steve, glad you liked the liner. It was hard to pick out.

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