Wait, there aren’t enough seats in your megachurch?


I saw this update on Facebook:

If we could somehow reclaim all the people who were once a part of the Body but have pulled out, hurt by the church or the people in it, I wonder if we would have enough seating to hold them all?

How many responses can I come up with?

Firstly, people like me who leave the church don’t do it because of the church or the people. The people and the church, the socialization and the support if you will, are the reasons to stay. We leave because the message stinks. Heck, “God” isn’t why we leave. The reason is thanks to self education about religion, mythologies, the sources of those inspirations and the result of those inspirations.

Secondly, believers are worried about having enough chairs in the event the masses that left suddenly came back? Does that mean these people want to build bigger churches, just in case? Most of the churches I know about offer multiple services. Wouldn’t one creative idea be to add another service? That sounds like a great problem to deal with once that problem faces you head on.

Thirdly, it’s heartening that there are so many who have left the fold that should they ever decide to return, there wouldn’t be enough space.

Wondering about the amount of seats in your church. Is this a weird version of greed?

How might you respond to this?

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