Another reason not to vote for Obama, the cost of being homeless is surging

And you thought gas prices were enough reason to avoid voting for Obama this year, consider the cost of being homeless.

Imagine if you were homeless.

Remember the days when you could stop by a grocery store and pickup a sweet ride for your trashbags full of aluminum cans and miscellaneous belongings for a five-finger discount of … free?

Not anymore!

And guess who you have to thank for that!

Mister President Barack Obama and his homeless hating administration, that’s who!

During his administration, that asshole Obama and his cohorts required grocery stores to install wheel lock mechanisms on all their grocery carts, so you can no longer have transport for all your wires, microwaves and broken TVs.

Do you realize the cost of retrofitting the new carts with the old wheels? That shit is expensive. And homeless people don’t have that kind of cash.


Now homelesses are stuck buying wheeled suitcases and those little carts that the stores sell off the shelves.

How convenient, Grocery Store Owners!

Haven’t you seen them standing on highway off ramps with signs reading, “Homeless. Need wheeled suitcase or cart. Please help!”

That also explains the surge in cost of trashbags, the homeless person’s container of choice.

So if you’re homeless and you’re planning on voting blue in November, think again.

Santorum plans to remove locks from grocery store cart wheels as the first item on his agenda come January 2013. He also plans on outfitting waterproof blankets underneath the carriage so that when you take the cart, you also get to stay warm. He’s also going to install gerbil water feeders with booze in them on the sides, just high enough to lie on the ground and lick yourself into a deep sleep.

And there will also be a rubber glove dispenser on the sides so that you don’t get your hands dirtied with bloody tampons when you’re sifting around the trash looking for scraps of food.

Because, Jesus commanded his followers to care for the destitute and the downtrodden. And since Santorum believes in all that …


Santorum doesn’t?

He’s a Christian, right?

Oh, okay.

Sorry, transients … you’re on your own on this one. The Christian nation you were born in doesn’t like you. Doesn’t want you. And certainly doesn’t want to help you.


Goats wearing sweaters dropping cuteness bombs? Of course you know now, this means war

Just wait till they get a taste for eating bells and sweaters.

About the vid:

Uploaded by  on Mar 5, 2012

The goats names are Romeo and Tulio. They were gifts to my daughters from their Grandma for Valentines day. They are bottle fed and love to be around us. If I could I’d potty train them and teach them to not eat my girls’ hair so they’d live inside! The dachshund is my sisters puppy, his name is Rusty. He thinks the goats are his babies. He loves to play with them and let me know when they are hungry. PS they are wearing the puppy sweaters because they were cold. (=

Via Cynical C

Pharyngula’s Why I am an atheist series

I have mentioned PZ Myers’ Why I am an atheist series before, and thought I would recommend a recent one.

All PZ did was ask for his readership to submit their stories and he posts one a day. He has oodles lined up in a backlog. I try to read through a few a week.

A recent one from Sam Salerno struck a chord with me. I’m going to post it in full, but the original is here.

 March 9, 2012 at 6:59 am  PZ Myers

AtheismWhen I was a child indoctrinated into the catholic church I said my prayers. I prayed for the starving to be fed. And I prayed for the end of all wars. Realizing that as hard as I prayed, thousands of people were still starving to death and war continued, they weren’t being answered. That or it was a resounding it’s part of gods plan.

This was the beginning of my ascent into the enlightenment. Then there was the hypocrisy of idol worship. I couldn’t understand the priests telling me not to worship idols while they prayed to the various saints. And then the all completely unbelievable; we are the right religion, every other religion is wrong.

Following my catholicism I tried other religions because I was still sold on the god thing. But I soon realized that none of these religions could produce a valid miracle or an answered prayer that wasn’t just as easily answered by praying to a milk carton And of course, god himself could not be produced.

I found myself thanking science for seeing reality as it really is. I have to say the final straw for me was watching Carl Sagans “Cosmos.” Telling the story of the emperor crab opened up a door to a whole new world for me. And from then on it was Atheism for me. No more guilt, no more sin, no more fear of hell.

Sam Salerno
United States

Ducks! Get in rows!

Tina and I are scrambling around getting our stuff together for the trip. We’re saving a buck or two by having our neighbor watch Talulah this weekend.

It’s a load off our back, and a load of yours, too, I’m sure.

I have some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?

Okay, the bad. Not only are we losing an hour this weekend to Daylight Savings, Tina and I are losing two hours. We lose one to get to the east coast, and then we lose one on the night of Luis’ wedding.

Doubleya Tee Efff!

I have two good news-es-ezes.

  1. My back feels amazingly better since I got my back bra, waist cincher.
  2. There’s a new feature in WordPress that shows hits via country. So now I have something else to obsess about when looking at stats. It’s pretty damn cool though to see that yesterday we were viewed in nine countries.

What’s that? Huh? You counted eleven?

Did you screw up and include India and the Philippines as countries? Everyone knows they don’t count anymore.


I have some posts scheduled. And if you get bored today, go over to this thread and consider responding to Joshua, who left an interesting response on the Imagination post. I’ll get around to it later or after this weekend.

One quote that stood out to me was this:

We might feel quite bad about killing the lioness, but the lioness would not for a moment feel remorseful about killing us.

I assume Joshua is a meat eater, and if he is, I wonder when the last time he was remorseful over the death of the pig, the cow, or the chicken whose life was taken to give him sustenance.

Otherwise, I have yet to read the entire message, and — again — I gotta blame Luis!

Otherwise, have a great weekend, eat your Wheaties and call you mothah!

I prematurely congratulated Bette Midler

Bette Midler says, “I haven’t left my house in days. I watch the news channels incessantly. All the news stories are about the election. All the commercials are for Viagra and Cialis. Election, erection, election, erection — either way it’s about getting screwed.” 

Thanks for the FB post, MJ!

In other news: