Ducks! Get in rows!

Tina and I are scrambling around getting our stuff together for the trip. We’re saving a buck or two by having our neighbor watch Talulah this weekend.

It’s a load off our back, and a load of yours, too, I’m sure.

I have some good news and some bad news. Which do you want first?

Okay, the bad. Not only are we losing an hour this weekend to Daylight Savings, Tina and I are losing two hours. We lose one to get to the east coast, and then we lose one on the night of Luis’ wedding.

Doubleya Tee Efff!

I have two good news-es-ezes.

  1. My back feels amazingly better since I got my back bra, waist cincher.
  2. There’s a new feature in WordPress that shows hits via country. So now I have something else to obsess about when looking at stats. It’s pretty damn cool though to see that yesterday we were viewed in nine countries.

What’s that? Huh? You counted eleven?

Did you screw up and include India and the Philippines as countries? Everyone knows they don’t count anymore.


I have some posts scheduled. And if you get bored today, go over to this thread and consider responding to Joshua, who left an interesting response on the Imagination post. I’ll get around to it later or after this weekend.

One quote that stood out to me was this:

We might feel quite bad about killing the lioness, but the lioness would not for a moment feel remorseful about killing us.

I assume Joshua is a meat eater, and if he is, I wonder when the last time he was remorseful over the death of the pig, the cow, or the chicken whose life was taken to give him sustenance.

Otherwise, I have yet to read the entire message, and — again — I gotta blame Luis!

Otherwise, have a great weekend, eat your Wheaties and call you mothah!

One thought on “Ducks! Get in rows!

  1. I have Philippine friends in high places ..
    Am having you placed on a special watch list .. Good luck flying this weekend ..

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